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  • tom64new tom64new Feb 17, 1999 6:07 AM Flag

    AC Research - SCMM Strong Buy,

    They said, SCMM is a basic investment and schould
    be in every technology partfolio, because of thiere
    growth potential with card reading and pay tv.
    at: http:/ and Trading news.

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    • Smartcard technology is slowly getting
      recognition, to include SCMM, and the potential growth rate
      for this business is enorm.
      Hpier, I just loaded
      up with some more and I have an avg price

      @$96.75. I garuantee we will see this again and I still
      (STRONGLY) that we will see $120 by the
      earnings announcement. SCMM is at $90.75 now and they will
      continue their ascent until the EXPLOSIVE earnings report.
      Again, Shuttle Tech brought atleast .05 per share.
      SLAP- S,L&P---Stay LOOOOONG and Prosper. We will see
      the next Microsoft in Smartcard Tech with
      SCMM--Believe it!!!!

    • Smartcards are used in Europe for medical records
      already, everybody with a bank account has a cash chip on
      his card that allows him to pay without having to
      enter a PIN-code (equivalent to cash, the amount stored
      on that chip is typically limited to a few 100$$.
      Smartcards are being introduced to pay theater, public
      transportation, everything. Don't judge by the presence of such
      cards in the US. Dangerous!

    • Perhaps because credit cards and other forms of
      transfer had no infrastructure in Asia, there was a void
      in which smart cards could blossom. There is an
      airport being built in (Malaysia or Indonesia as I
      remember) in which the entire payroll is being done via
      smart card. Acceptance in Europe has also been much
      faster than the US.

      I am not sure whether smart
      cards will prove to be the primary solution. I remember
      an Italian movie in the 60s in which transfers were
      done by a handprint read to a central data file where
      the transaction was recorded to accompany the
      physical transfer at the transaction site. Smart cards
      will still require some proof positive to succeed.
      With the Internet it might be that the transactions
      can all be done without a card, just a retina scan or
      a read of the electrical field around the body's
      sweat glands or a hand print or, well you get the

      The primary role of the smart card would be to
      provide a portable data file of almost any content you
      can imagine - identification, medical records, etc.
      However, in the end the Internet might render all such
      data files redundant except those which you would not
      want hacked, such as the plans for building a germ
      warfare bomb.

    • Of course not..but you cant get in here and bring
      the numbers from today.....Microsoft started very
      small and not with millions
      at their

      but i also think that you cant compare scm with ms in
      the middle
      80s...that would be nice of
      course....but it WOULD


    • The run-up that we just recently went through is
      gone except a couple of points. The reason is because
      tech stocks on the whole ALL went down. A large
      block-10000- was just bought at close @$86. This has only
      strengthened my position with SCMM. Tomorrow we will see the
      90's again-IMHO- and we will see a continuous incline
      of the stock price until earnings are posted
      (.32-.35) on the 24th. SCMM is the stock of the year 2000!
      I just loaded up with some more shares today and I
      will be leveraging everything I have except my family.
      This is how much faith I have in SCMM and this is the
      next Microsoft in SMARTCARD TECHNOLOGY. But if
      searchnsniff would like to compare SCMM to MSFT, that is OK
      with me. I also believe we will see $150 in the very
      near future and maybe even $200. I am very optimistic
      with SCMM. Searchnsniff, you should join the longs and

    • ...where is the technical capability of Amazon? Do they have anthing competitors don't have or can create?

    • You should not compare the current MSFT with the
      current SCMM. Look at MSFT's numbers 15 years ago. Do you
      know what smartcards
      are good for? Well, obviously
      you are doing secure internet transactions by waving
      your mouse. To compare smartcards with mice or just
      another periphery is ridiculous. This is like having a
      teller machine at home. Finally, online transactions
      will be safe and even tiny amounts of money can be
      transferred safely via the net at low costs. This is why this
      stock goes up and not because of the overwhelming
      number of naive shareholders, as you think. My opinion.

    • The most insightful posting that I have ever seen on this board.

      Where is the technical capability that can make SCM a player in
      the marketplace?

    • So, there smart card reader can plug into the
      back of a pc and be recognized by the MSFT operating
      system, just like a MOUSE. What a novel concept!!! So can
      every other smart card reader (which is still a product
      that nobody buys), and every other peripheral that
      plugs into the back of a PC. SCMM is nothing more than
      a ballyhooed MOUSE manufacturer whose stock is
      being run up by naive people like yourself that have no
      clue. My opinion.

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