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  • dhrosier dhrosier Feb 18, 1999 9:30 AM Flag

    AC Research - SCMM Strong Buy,

    Perhaps because credit cards and other forms of
    transfer had no infrastructure in Asia, there was a void
    in which smart cards could blossom. There is an
    airport being built in (Malaysia or Indonesia as I
    remember) in which the entire payroll is being done via
    smart card. Acceptance in Europe has also been much
    faster than the US.

    I am not sure whether smart
    cards will prove to be the primary solution. I remember
    an Italian movie in the 60s in which transfers were
    done by a handprint read to a central data file where
    the transaction was recorded to accompany the
    physical transfer at the transaction site. Smart cards
    will still require some proof positive to succeed.
    With the Internet it might be that the transactions
    can all be done without a card, just a retina scan or
    a read of the electrical field around the body's
    sweat glands or a hand print or, well you get the

    The primary role of the smart card would be to
    provide a portable data file of almost any content you
    can imagine - identification, medical records, etc.
    However, in the end the Internet might render all such
    data files redundant except those which you would not
    want hacked, such as the plans for building a germ
    warfare bomb.

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