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  • escape282828 escape282828 Oct 5, 2005 11:58 PM Flag

    come on honest

    the dividend will be cut..its just a matter of time..once you sell off the apparel division and the income coming in a severely will cut the dividend...why cant you be honest with the shareholders?

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    • True, but we all know the board (or should I say bored) of directors doesn't care....

    • stock bonus plan?????? what has brenda done to even earn her paycheck?...she is ruining this company.she has zero communications with the stockholders...and she wants a bonus ???? get a clue brenda..youve done nothing for the shareholder.... you are about giving back half your salary? id like to run a company into the ground and ask for a bonus.

    • MARTIN GLOTZER CHICAGO IS GOING TO ANNUAL MEETING>>>PLAN TO CALL BOARD COWARDS FOR RUNING FROMCHICAGO 2500 to 3000 shareholders attend meeting in Chcago in old days mglotz

    • got my proxy today...i voted AGAINST the stock bonus plan for management...

      when they get profits and the stock price moving up again i would reconsider.

      this was a $30 stock 7-8 years has been run in an atrocious manner since bryan left....

      NOBODY at the top should get any bonus' until they get things going in the right direction

    • And they had a sale and no one came--because no one knew about it.

      THAT IS JUST WHY THE PUBLICITY ABOUT THE SALE WAS PLANNED--TO GET BUYERS LINED UP IN ORDER TO GET THE BEST PRICE. It would have taken years to make individual sales and did not fit a more rational approach with regard to the business unit sales. That is why the piecemeal plan was rejected!

    • I think in general that the shareholders at that time were happy that Brenda toke over the helm from Steve McMillan. He (and together with Theo de Kool on his site) has made this company to go down and they are both still on the payroll. I begin more and more to get doubts about assessments capabilities of the Directors of this company.

      Another point is that the previous mentioned seniors managers are still part of the board and in this capacity they can control the whole company, salaries, bonuses etc. Shareholders wakeup !!!

    • Brenda Barnes doesn't have any kind of track record at doing what she is doing. She definitely announced the 'fire sale' in a sloppy manner before execution and it takes
      a long time to think about something of this
      magnitude; let's face it(like I said once) this
      was McMillan's idea and she came over as a 'yes lady'. Makes you wonder how she paid him back.

    • <<--once you sell off the apparel division and the income coming in a severely decreased.-->>

      If you believe that - then sell and move on.

      Don't you think the proceeds from the sale will offset to a big extent the lost income? I don't think there will be any dividend cuts will coming from Brenda, unless it's an increase once all the restructuring is in place. I'm willing to wait and see

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      • Hey, that dividend includes the profits of Branded Apparel, so once it is gone the part of the dividend associated with it will be gone as well. Also there are a lot of "charges" Chicago hangs on Branded Apparel which will disappear after the breakup. I think once the breakup is done people will realize how much of SL's profit was really from Branded Apparel. Plus since Branded Apparel doesn't have to listen to crap from Chicago anymore they'll be able to save a ton of money also by doing things the most efficient way, rather than the "Chicago way"

      • no i dont think the money from the sale will be used for the dividened..i think the money will be used to pay off some debt and for some stock repurchase.....she ll give herself some nice fat bonus and screw over the like to know why she is so quiet while the stock goes down every day. just wait until the end of the year bonuses come out....the only people making money off of sle is brenda and her cronies..NOT THE SHAREHOLDER....