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  • ladyjamibro19 ladyjamibro19 Jun 12, 2010 7:29 PM Flag

    To all the CRM shorts!

    It really amazes me how people want to short the strongest stocks in the market. U may make money shorting CRM. Ya if the naz falls to 1500 before years end. All the CRM shorts obviously have never made money in the stock market. Just ask all those TASR shorts from a few years ago. There is an easy saying that carries alot of weight. "THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND!!" If you shorts make money in CRM it is DUMB LUCK! I really dont think u guys even trade. Just plain rookies! Shorting things like CRM NFLX is a perfect way to get "CARRIED OUT IN A BODY BAG JOHNNY!!!" In honor of the karate kid. Its like tryin to pick up pennies in front of a steam roller

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    • and an answer as to when i bought CRM was their last eps report when the stock gapped down like 10 pts and closed up on the day on monster volume. The mkt spoke then and I listened. That would be on 5/21 and im still in for the ride.

    • BUMP!!!!! not much has changed

    • BUMP!!!!!

    • You really stirred up the hornet's nest!

    • The connection is that there was money to be made shorting them when pumps were in full operation and CRM will go down from here, just as the other stocks topped out when posting bulls (and possibly some pumps) were so positive. Actually, there could be more air below CRM than there was below FDX and WLT at their highs. FDX and WLT may be good for the long term, though they collapsed after going up too high. The question about whether CRM has good long term prospects is still out there and more dependent on what other tech companies develop than on any current opinions, IMHO.

    • FDX WLT?? Who cares about FDX and WLT. Are u really comparing FDX as a growth company to CRM? I mean seriously???? And WLT has had 4 consecutive qtrs of negative qtr over qtr earnings growth.
      All stocks are not created equal. Im not "pumping" anything. I also could care less about "Cramer". He is as much of a moron as most of the yahoo posters.
      Keep focusing on insider selling and all the other nonsense that "joe retail investor" does. That will get you nowhere.
      No Stocks dont all grow to the sky and eventually they all will fall. Knowing when that is going to happen is the key. CRM still looks like its getting stronger and stronger. Sure if the mkt falls apart CRM eventually will too. Yet if the mkt trades sideways to higher for the next 6-8months then CRM shorts r gonna get creamed. Shorting for a few bucks here and there is picking up pennies infront of a steamroller.

    • A few months ago FDX and WLT would have been on your list. When both of those stocks were in the mid 90's (and higher) there was all this chatter about them soaring over 100. FDX went a bit over 100 and just as the uber bulls on FDX were starting to congratulate themselves, FDX started its trip down to 70 (it's a little above 70 now). WLT may have touched 99, but from memory 98 and a bit is as high as it went. Cramer liked it at 89 though others liked it at 40. Above 96, Cramer told a caller that WLT could be bought up to 100. WLT started pulling back around 98. With pullbacks and then rallies WLT made it's way down to around 60. It has now bounced to around 67 and has strong resistance by 70.

      The pumpers were so sure those stocks could do nothing but trend upward. I shorted both at their highs after having shorted them before then. I rode changing positions all the way down, while some kept posting the stocks would still go up. Those are examples of just two stocks, but I could repeat many other examples in which some were adamant at the top that the stocks had nowhere to go but up.

      Often, by the time a stock looks like it will never go down is when it starts falling (often with bounces along the way).

      This post is meant for information to those who don't believe all the CRM hype, but are a little concerned that maybe "this time it's different" and maybe CRM, FFIV, NFLX, etc. can "grow to the sky." I haven't checked much on NFLX, but I know that FFIV insiders have dumped most of their FFIV holdings and CRM's CEO keeps getting shares of stock (cost to owners of CRM) and continually sells 10,000 shares a day. That's a combination of selling to the public and fleecing the longs, IMHO.

      Oh wait, but some pumpers here aren't long the stocks they pump. Think about what they might mean. There's more than one possible explanation, IMHO.

    • Cramer needs his sheeple. And he does offer his service almost every day at a 50% discount with a limited time offer.

      Getting Back To Even will become a new mantra for Cramer because investing in the CANDIES will cause Cramer's sheeple to pause and hope that they can GET BACK TO EVEN!

    • 50% off is the lowest price they have ever offered since I started looking at the service--and it was only good for 24 hours. I highly doubt you are getting this offer daily. I don't know what the economy has done to Cramer's subscriber base. All I can say is I am highly satisfied with my subscription and will renew. It has been profitable for me. It is a fantastic learning experience.

    • A simple question to all Cramer's followers. If he has this magic formula to make you rich, how come I receive an email from him every other day offering me 50% discount subscription to his service. Mind you, it was always the last day offer!! Wake up people!

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