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  • nanotechmillionaire nanotechmillionaire Aug 3, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    Ken Fisher is buying CRM...

    You guys are way off, as CRM stock heats up, the daytraders and hedge funds start buying faster and more hand over fist.

    Will be 175-185 the day before earnings and if they are as good as I am hearing they should be, they will gap this sucker up along with serious short covering for 220-240 a share, it could go 210 then run most the month of Sep to get to 220-240 that way also.

    Crm has had both styles in the past and I hope all the slick talkers talking about shorting and buying puts really step up with those ideas and make them happen, will push us up faster and higher!

    Yeah a Billionaire bought almost 3 million of CRM because he wants to lose money.

    More like he sees what the experts see CRM just as good or right on the heels of VMW but with a market cap 20 billion dollars lower thenVMW

    20 billion dollars behind other cloud companies can be a reason the same guys that pushed AMZN would push this 3 times as high % gains, and 3 times as fast and as hard to send a message!

    This is one of the most stupid stocks to short right now if you ask me.

    Bubble stocks go away 3 ways, after all the shorts have been killed too many times, no more buyers left to step up and pay higher.Something comes along that is better, that last one is not going to happen in CLOUD, Cloud is the future and salesforce. co m is a TITAN just starting to get what is coming to it!

    Looks like a force down right now before the big push right up and over the 130 print!

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