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  • joethomas104 joethomas104 Feb 14, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    new highs coming soon

    My guess is that earnings are much better than expected.

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    • What earnings? Did you mean that GAAP losses will be higher than expected?

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      • Anyone else notice Google and Cisco also reported in non-GAAP #s this Q. It's 1999 all over again! GAAP eps is fading due to slow economy, but hey, let's keep the illusion going that all is healthy in the USA, cause we are resiliant dammit! We bend but don't break, we get knocked down and then bounce right back up (like our stock market from the 2008 crash), we keep on going against all odds, we...we...we keep printing money till we become Zimbabwe! ...we are proud to be Americans and love our children so much we want to pile 20 Trillion of debt onto their backs while we cut their education funding just so we can all buy new big screen HD TV's and help all the millionaires fill up their lear jets and yachts with fuel. Our kids need to learn responsibility, and they can handle it because they are American's dammit, the best of the best, and they will rise to the challenge (if they can pry themselves away from Angry birds for a few hours of course). Oh wait, what? We are going to rely on THAT generation!??!?? Holy #$^t...we're scr@w$d!

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      • CRM could even do an ALXN pattern this week. This morning when I was putting in my order to close out my ULTA put position, I noticed ALXN up considerably. I'd looked at it, but never took a position. I was relieved I hadn't. That was the time to be bearish on ALXN. It has reversed and dropped. That's what overpriced stocks sometimes do and that is likely a preview of CRM's movement. ALXN turned down (no position) because it doesn't take much for an overpriced stock to reverse. Congratulations to anyone who shorted ALXN at the open.

        I don't have positions in EQIX or LNKD and would appreciate comments from those who follow those stocks closely.

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    • Regardless, when the revolution comes, the institutions that sold these farcical retirement products and stole millions in "management fees" from the unsuspecting public will be held accountable. I guess the puppeteers that illegally manipulate this stock said, "today the price will be 174". Wow, I sound like singhilion but it's just so obviously wrong.

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      • "When the revolution comes "?
        Should I be watching out my window for lobsterbacks and keep my pitchforck by the door?
        Do you really think the USA citizens could overthrow our own govt., who has armies so vast they span the entire globe?!?!? Good luck with that. I'd love to see the Wall Street corruption washed out of the system, but how do you do that when Republicans won't even allow votes to get to the floor on the smallest of matters, let alone financial reform, which they vocally oppose tooth and nail. They want LESS regulations, as if we have too many!! HA!! System is beyond rigged, it's #$%$.

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