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  • mining_phd mining_phd Feb 26, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    wonder what CRAMER will say after earnings. LOL


    you know he will pump this.

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    • Cramer has pumped CRM in the past. For the past several weeks and possibly longer, Cramer has been negative on CRM. Beyond disregarding the rating itself, the question is whether Cramer's neutral approach to CRM will affect whether or not MB will even be on Cramer's show. It's been posted that Cramer didn't mention CRM's forthcoming earnings. Whether that's a slight or oversight or maybe it's because Cramer was away recently (was he away last week or was it the week before?) , but at least not yet I haven't read or heard anything about MB on Cramer's show this Thursday. Unless it's posted on-line, I won't hear if MB will be on Cramer's show or not. Please post if whether MB will appear on Cramer's show has been specifically announced? It's possible Cramer is deliberately remainging neutral and avoiding MB.

    • yes he will probably help pump this baby to 200 because that's where it's going. This will act just like PCLN. Selloff before earnings then a nice spike up after earnings are reported. This is your bottom for CRM.

    • have a feeling that last Friday, he (Cramer) intentionally ignored to mention CRM as one of the companies scheduled to report on 28th - for when he does his earnings bit for next week every Friday. he's probably done this to get people to thnik he's not supporting crm any longer, have the shorts pile in and then, . . .

      BTW, the weekly charts looks (to me) like they can take it either way, up or down so who knows. remember the weekly on EQIX looked like it had to go down after earnings, but not so, however, eqix is a goldman sachs stock. in other words, who knows what the xxxxxx they'll do to any stock on any given day or occasion, it's a criminal enterprise.

      good luck

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