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  • lulunite lulunite Mar 22, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    everyfoxy: what happened to the 'institution dumping" today ... LMFAO

    Quit posting here ... you are making a fool out of yourself !

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    • Why didn;t you post that response immediately???...cause you have NO BALLS just like joey and mytek. I love these johnny come lately's who posts responses after the fact but never immediately after the post. They have to wait and see what happens first.

      can you say #$%$

      you're pathetic.

    • Everfoxy is an intelligent poster, you'd be wise to listen. No one is right all the time every second, that's silly. All he/she is saying, and me too, is that one day you'll wake up and surely wish you were not long, and that day is coming soon and it will be worse than you think, in fact its already in motion as the desperate acts of current managemnt become more and more transparent. All this company wants to do is increase stock price as they 'all" make their moey with options. That maniacal focus on stock price, instead of making PROFIT, will kill them ultimately - not to mention cloud expectations are wayy too high everywhere.

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      • skibum, if you think everyfoxy is intelligent, I have to doubt your intelligence. You are correct to say we are not right all the time but everyfoxy has been wrong ALL THE TIME. She's been short and posting nonsense for too long. Just go back to 2 years and read her post, you will see it for yourself.

      • yup Everfoxy has been saying the same thing for years. CRM continues to go higher. Even if Everfoxy is intelligent, he or she is a very horrible trader. Since he or she has been absolutely wrong about this stock, he/she should leave this board because he is steering the sheeple in the wrong direction.

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