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  • joethomas104 joethomas104 Mar 28, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    ha, ha, hahhahaha, ha

    idiot shorts. Seriously you're all really dumb

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    • Joe - you'd be wise to listen to Tahoe and Don and many others. Sure this stock can go to 180, sure it can go up to 200 as irrational as it may be, but the end is coming and I am very surprised more do not see it. I wanted to out you on ignore because you add nothing but I find the responses to your screaming buy, buy buy, to be very insightful. Mark these posts, these guys are trying to help you. If you put all or a lot of your money into this one stock, you are playing with fire that you will soon regret.

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    • Spoken like every other moronic momentum chasing fool I've ever encountered on Yahoo message boards. Go ask the TZOO,DRYS, POT, FSLR, AAPL posters what happened after they said the same thing to me.
      Go pull some historical charts fool. GAPS FILL. This stock is nothing must not have been around in 1999.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Yes, of course...since they aren't the ones buying a stock in which the employees are thanking you personally, Joethomas104, for taking options off their hands so they can make a nice profit. Who's the idiot now? You longs are buying into one large mirage, but you refuse to acknowledge it. Not short yet...but CRM's day is coming, and I can't wait for the whining longs to come out in force then....

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