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  • skibumdreamer skibumdreamer Jun 21, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Major announcement between ORCL and CRM?

    Whats does this mean? What major news does Larry have with CRM? Sharing data and resources as both realize the "cloud" is mostly another stock market bubble and both companies are over-valued? Help Foxy, JK, Hapi. Ready to enter some more shorts on the spike now

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    • The "Alliance" itself? To quote R Crumb's Mr. Natural: "Don't mean s**t" . (Never mind stocks, if I had kept those comic books I'd be rich.)
      Competition is real, partnership is PR.
      Why did Larry pre-announce while Marc was silent? To divert attention from failing Oracle revenues. The Oracle dividend boost and their buyback are for the same reason.
      The market reaction shows that investors see this as validation for SFDC: the "big" company was forced to make peace with the "small" company. IMO, test of 40 is in the cards this week.

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    • CRM is already using ORCL Database. This benefits Microsoft's CRM because they can offer new options for database choice.
      ORCL is not going to reduce its price. ORCL will end up with more money in the end from CRM.

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      • read up on the SFDC architecture. Unlike users of Oracle products and Microsoft products, SFDC users do not have to deal with administering a DBMS, nor choosing one, nor horrendous upgrade projects when new releases of the DBMS, or the app, come out.
        Oracle bought RightNow. I know of a smallish company that was forced to upgrade to a newer version of RN in 2011 because their old one was about to be de-supported. The project took almost two years and over a thousand IT man-hours; six months later, they still have issues and failures, and there is maintenance downtime almost every week.
        That does not happen to SFDC customers. Customer satisfaction is why SFDC dominates the field.

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    • "We are doing business together" , What a joke.

    • This could be a well timed announcement for a Friday afternoon and it could mean nothing for earnings. I'm not touching my shares, though I'm not adding to shares either. I just replaced half the puts I'd sold, but they are farther out. Business wasn't rosy for ORCL and it's not rosy for CRM either. CRM is overpriced.

    • Don't ask hami for help, he doesn't have the balls to short anymore after this news. You know it; I know it.

    • Larry and Marc will be busy fighting each other than running business. lol

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      • I wouldn't be surprised if Larry Ellison has a different view of the announcement than MB. Also, ORCL's report showed weakness in the sector, so there's nothing positive in this announcement, other than helping those who wrote the puts that expire today . Do you remember the pump and certainty the Friday afternoon before the quarterly report. The stock was pumped up to 47, which didn't hold. This won't hold either, especially with the expected "TAPER," since it was silly liquidity that got some stocks way up beyond where they should be.

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