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  • mytek1120 mytek1120 Aug 21, 2013 9:26 PM Flag



    Nice 56% gain in exaxctly 2 years- and all the bashers like everfoxy , slowboat, and the rest of the imeciles who have suffered huge losses shorting crm , still show up everyday and pretend they made money

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    • LOL. The market on the Aug 21 2011 was closed. But the adjusted price was $27.75 on Aug 19 2011. Now look a little closer. Just one month earlier on Jul 19 2011 the adjusted price was $39.83. Your 56% just turned into 9%.

      So lets look at Aug 21 2013 stock price $43.50. Let's look back a month earlier Jul 1 2013 stock price $37.80. Which makes your two year investment (5%) that's negative.

      Fact stock has done nothing in 2 years. The numbers have gotten worse. CRM is losing more money, they have diluted shareholders a great deal and have no plans to tune a profit.

      You try to miss lead people. You made 56% in two years. Complete lie. Fact Jul 1 2011 price was greater then Jul 19 2013. You lost money over two years.

      You only make money over that period of you picked the perfect timing. I can make just as much shorting it if I pick perfect timing.

      My guess is you just love to talk, tell people off in a social forum. You have no idea what this stock is, you do not own any shares and have no positions.

    • I don't pretend anything and have never made any such claims to gains or losses. I will be here, still short, long after you have gone.

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      • No doubt slowboat, ignore these pumpers. Have you EVER seen mytek or joethomas or tmeyers EVER post anything of any intelligence whatsoever? I'll take any honest long or short opinion but these guys are pumpers and just momo followers who prove their complete lack of any real finance knowledge with every single post. Sure I could be wrong that this stock looks like one of the most over-valued I've seen in a long time. It has all the markings of a potential implosion "soon" - "If you are right just 60% of the time, you'll be a billionaire" - a quote today from the WSJ. I think we'll have the last laugh over a stock that missed the entire market run-up this year, despite almost unbelievable nonstop pumping - GLTA!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • "imeciles" really!? How about those that discovered this stock more recently #$%$

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