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  • hedgecutter10 hedgecutter10 Nov 27, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    Cramer Insurance

    CRM is one of his Fav's and he will pump it till the well is dry. He is right as this stock has big swings because it is dominated by hedgefunds and Cramer so whatever direction it is in, that will change!!!!

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    • I've heard that justification before on stocks from AAPL (at 706) and RIMM (above 100 and at 80, 70, 60, etc..). Over time, fundamentals lead technicals.

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      • Can you trust a company that is about 14 years old, has no GAAP earnings, and has announced they don't expect GAAP earnings in the next year and also beyond that? Can you trust a company that allocates large numbers of shares of stock (at greatly reduced prices) to employees and the most to the CEO, while issuing more shares of stock so that public longs lose value? Can you trust a company that buys revenue at excessive cost and doesn't have organic growth while rewarding insiders as though they had made money for investors?

        The stock has turned from upside pressure to downside pressure in that up days have low volume and down days have heavier volume.

        Cramer has had many favs that he has dropped after they have moved down considerably and RIMM was one. He also loved DECK at 105 and hated it around 50. There are many more examples. Beware of Cramer's "favs," according to many posts following his recommendations.

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