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  • stan91724 stan91724 Apr 8, 2003 12:25 PM Flag

    Hello Shots!!!

    In your last post you were far to generous in your assessment of my skills...Thank you but it makes me nervous because when I think I really know what I'm doing that guy hits me right in the head with a two by four as I walk around that blind corner...You said you wanted symbols???The FAGIX was and is my best large position pick so far...Remember it is my proxy for stocks with a tech, telecom and cable bias...I purchased the W bottom in OCT and bought it all the way up to 6.30 and have a truck load of cash in it...If I am right it should rally with stocks or just hold it's own and pay the yield monthly...Btw Shots corporate bonds are the first position that should be taken in any new bull mkt just in case you are wrong...Sell all ZEROS T BILLS and Government issues including Ginnie Maes and buy corporates...JTP was a recent purchase for the second time 14.42 .45 .47 .50 and I would consider selling it again above 15.50...Love the yield monthly...WM SPLS HD and XOM were all recent trades for me...ADP is one I am watching as well...Very conservative moves...just base hits...Btw Shots I sold 1000 WDC with a mkt order and got a lousy fill above 10 on Fri and bought the shares back at 9.30 a few hours later and wrote the May 10 calls for 65 cents immediately...So I have a 10.65 and 8.65 little play going on here...However, I think I made a mistake by not selling the July 10's for 1.15 but the move happened very fast as you know...Trader called the top 10.23 in advance but I really think that he does not even take his own advice as many of his post are very inconsistent with what he says he is doing although he did call the top...Where do you see WDC at in the 3 to 6 mo range???Stano

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    • Hey Stan!

      Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you turned into a fish and swam away. Too much sushi could do that to a person... HeHeHe I like yakitori myself.

      In any event...
      I called $8.20 as a base on WDC give or take .10 a share. Since then the base line has moved up to $$8.50 a share. And where did it touch down at today??? $8.51

      Morgan Stanley is pulling a fast one Stan. The storage market might be slowing down but I don't think that is the case with WDC. 2003 and beyond will be the year of the server upgrade, with desktops still in effect. I fully expect WDC to beat the street next earnings with my price tarket in the teens if the mafia boys will quit jerking it around on the NYSE. TiVO sales should increase with war coverage and that should also help WDC.

      Trader is an interesting character, as is his buddy SouleC. The MACD histogram for WDC has not yet crossed the meanline to the downside. It may cross strong and it may cross weak. That all depends on the Specialist's game. He dropped it hard on low volume earlier this AM. I think it will go $8.00 to $8.50 atleast short term. Depends on how many big holders he can shake out.

      Remember the fat lady hasn't sang in Baghdad yet. If Saddam blew a subsurface or a surface nuke then anyone holding stock would be f*cked royal without cash on the sidelines. WDC should be in the teens though. Just look at TD's earnings and revenues and then look at it's current stock price. The NYSE is not a fair place to play ball my friend...

      I've been riding the RINO train off of the 10 1/2 yard line. Hope you are fine and not growing any sushi fins.

      Semper Fi,

      • 1 Reply to fivexshot
      • What a nice little company Shots...You are a value investor...That is the kind of risk reward equation that I like...I did not do any research yet but on the face of it what a buy it would appear to be...10.50 was a nice move here!!!I wonder how much of that was the short position unwinding???Do you know???Rino is my kind of stock in a bull mkt to sit on and let the fundamentals drag it up kicking and screaming...I will put it on my Shots list and we shall see what we shall see...I have to tell you that I love that type of stock and have not looked at RINO before ever...Reminds me of KING OF THE HILL or something...You know "I sell propane and propane accessories" that guy that mow the lawn & drinks lot's of beer...But that is the kind of co I like...I am nervous about it and I don't own it yet!!!What's with the large short position???You know the where there's smoke there's fire???Like the covered call entry point approach on most stocks at this point and would not just buy without protection here...Sold the rest of my SPY position yesterday when the dow crossed over 8500...That was my Bob Brinker trade...Mkt order out...This is a tough mkt for those who do not devote the time...Like you said...Anything can happen in the middle east...And when I bench more than 185 I can feel the start of a dorsal fin growing on my back...The sushi bills are killing me but in a good wife is very "amorous" when she has had her fish fix if you will...So the cost benefit analysis pans out...I do make all my own decisions and as you say Trader and Soule are interesting characters and I guess we can leave it right there...He could be trading 200 shares 20 times a day for all I know...I lost 2000 shares of WDC selling them at 7.48 and then buying them back at 7.02 and then selling them at 7.97 in my last move with WDC and I guess I am about even now but it was hard to watch WDC hit 10 with Stano less 2000 shares but I did not chase it thank God...And I will make them take my 1000 shares at 10.65 in May if they want them bad enough...Like your patriotic posts Shots!!!I am still around but tax time is hard for me...I am self employed so I have a very good "Jewish CPA"...Need I say more???I will look closely at RINO and Semper Fi Shots!!!Stano

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