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  • fncydansir fncydansir Jun 30, 2010 12:37 AM Flag

    Why isn't Secondary Offering AFTER FDA decision?

    Let's say you are MELA's management and you know the FDA is going to decide on August 26th whether Melafind gets approval. If approved, you know the stock could double in a day. You know everyone will want ownership in such a huge market opportunity. You know a Secondary Offering will command strong demand and generate significant dollars to fund the product's commercialization.

    Then why the HECK are you offering shares NOW in a terrible market???

    You know why? Because you read the Barron's article and you've seen your stock rise in the past few weeks and maybe YOU ARE JUST NOT THAT CONFIDENT with your product!

    I'm selling at the open. I don't trust a management team who does this. -- z


    Dont come back later and say that I didnt warn you.

    Remember when we warned Barron about the faulty business plan of CRA? The stock was around $250/share and I literally begged the guy to take his profit of a one year, half million dollars. he ignored me and lost virtually everything over night.

    I recall warning the HDH during dinner one evening about her blind faith and dedication to the teachings on what I called her "real estate investment cult". I begged her to stop leveraging her home and everything else she owned to purchase more and more real property during a mature real estate bubble. My ex wife remined me that the HDH curtly remarked to me; "dont worry yourself about it". She recently filed BK and only remains in her home because of my good graces by not forclosing on it in order to pay off her loan to me.

    I could go on and on with such examples. Suffice it to say; I warned you.

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