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  • kenneth_kallenbach kenneth_kallenbach Nov 9, 2010 4:06 PM Flag

    Market already knows MELAFIND will be rejected

    oddly, there are a few remaining souls here who seemed content to be the last to know.

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    • How far will it fall it rejected?

    • Interesting that someone so negative on a stock continues to take the time to follow it and post negative comments. As Holmes would to say to Watson, "It's elementary." Everyone should put this clown on INGORE immediately and laugh all the way to the bank.

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      • As far as board sentiment goes, vague insinuation and doubt are more useful tools for the bashers than rational argument and way easier to produce.

        I don't think they have any influence on the share price anyway so putting them on ignore is more of an aesthetic choice.

        As far as shorts being smart there are no doubt some smart shorts but there is a chart over on the ISRG board that shows short interest vs share price and that makes it abundantly clear that the mass short interest is usually very late to the party.

        I'll try to dig up the link. It's pretty interesting.

        This of course says nothing about MELA which will pay off or not in the very near term based on the FDA decision and not on how the shorts or longs feel about it.

    • That may be your myopic view due to a lack of DD. Or it more likely is your view to a large short position.

      I have heard tell that people who are for the most part shorting stocks are pretty smart. That would tend to make you believe that they posessed the wherewithall to offer up some reasoning backed by data, or links to such data.

      I am not seeing here with people who can only render a single virtually meaningless sentence. A sentence spun seemingly only to instill fear. You want to scare me? bring it on with data, with opinions from published doctors or other industry known authorities, not this drivel of rhetoric.

      So just for fun go read the sept 17th article from the motely fool. You can find it most anywhere you get a quote for this stock. It's not that substantial but it offers more for thought than your postualations, which are the only odd thing here.

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