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  • tripleaces46 tripleaces46 Nov 4, 2011 3:55 PM Flag

    $1,500 BIOPSYS FINISHED/ NOW HAVE +98% RATE ..................

    Physicians won't put patients through a biopsy unless they fail the Melafind cancer test.They now have the evidence of 98.3% effectiveness in their diagnosis.Biopsys are very expensive and complications exist as scarring,infection and pain are experianced by patients.No more just a visual opinion for skin cancer.First test approved by the FDA and approved in Europe.

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    • You need to learn the facts, not make them up. MelaFind is not a biopsy replacement, nor was it intended to be.

      It's intended to help catch melanoma when it can be solved for $1,500 dollars and not later when the treatment may cost $150,000+

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      • I am not a lawer by no means and have no training in law at all however, I know that MELA is not intended for reducing biopsies, but this is where the gray area comes into play for me. The machine will not be available to every Derm when it first comes out however, when it is availabe to all Derms and they elect not to use it for some reason, could those Derms who miss the 20 to 30% of melanomas open themselves up to further legal ramnifications as legel and triple appear to be pointing out by not utilizing Melafind when it is available to them? If they have the opportunity to increase their performance with Melafind and elect not to, then it seems that they could be opening themselves up for further legal action in not utilizing it if they miss a questionable melanoma.

      • Fish takes no responsibilkity for "his" stock being down 13%.

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