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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Jun 14, 2012 6:19 PM Flag

    5/31 25%+ Short, FORCED BUYOUT?

    With the short position increasing dramatically from $6 ps til now 25%+ of float I would have to guess the smart money has been made. IMO The company is worth $3 to $6 ps to a GE, Siemens, etc due to the FDA approval even if MELA can not get additional funding in a secondary offering [which I believe they can]. Downside $1 ps upside $12-$18, odds favor the longs overwhelmingly if you have a 6-18 month horizon. The machine is a perfect fit to any corp. with an existng line, staff, marketing dept,and cash which most have in abundace. Its possible they are already in play when one considers that the present short float is held, by and large,by big money [MM] players. Mela needs to start marketing themselves financially as well as promotionally or they will not remain independent for much longer. Do the math it would cost a conglomorate hundreds of millions $$ to develope, patent, FDA approve and they can buy MELA for less than that now. Forget all your emotions and bull---- all this product needs is money, a marketing team and time. Wake up MELA management the clock has started.....IMO

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