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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Aug 13, 2012 10:19 AM Flag


    1,550,000. That number represents the reduction in short interest from June 1st to July 31st. Does that number signify an increasing belief that Melafind is more then a "toy"? My opinion is that it does.
    regards endo

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    • With such a low volume it will be very hard for shorts to cover. Maybe we'll get that buyout or partnership news that will shorten their thinking time to seconds.

    • Endo - I went back to the start of June, and picked up these inferences:

      The stock has closed up on 25 days, and down on 23. But the shares bought on up days totaled 6.9 million shares, while the stock bought on the down days totaled only 5.2 million shares. Finally, with respect to volume the upd day volumes were at 277,000 shares while the down day volumes were at only 227,000 shares, or about 18% below the up day avg volumes. Every bit of that is positive to me, and indicative of the shorts beginning to unwind. I think though that we have at least one and maybe two more chances for a hellofa short squeeze left, and I'm ready for that to happen. The thing that I'm a bit worried about, as noted in an earlier e-mail, is what will be the impetus for the squeeze to begin - but then again, time itself is a deviant impetus, and who knows what type of news/magazine article, or TV show may set this on fire.

    • 75k in revenue is the only number you should be concerned about Endo.

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