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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Oct 1, 2012 1:20 PM Flag

    Dr. Gulfo meet Dr. Frost

    IMO If Dr Frost and OPK have not already started to make a move on MELA any smart MM should intro them, in the process pick up a couple $$$$$$. Frost has everything MELA doesn't, marketing and financial skills and people. MELA has what OPK is about diagnostic equipment [ and its FDA] approved, with a potential recurring revenue stream. I just start doing DD but the synergies look great, unbelievably Dr. Frost was/is a Derm. I believe. As I stated I am just starting my DD but OPK could pay over $6.5 ps and be getting a steal, while present MELA holders get over 100%. I have been with MELA for longer than I wish and understand what Dr. GULFO et al have accomplished and would like for them to succeed as is. They are in desperate need of financial and marketing savvy that Dr. Frost has repeatedly demonstrated and Frost could sure use an ambrionic product that is ready to prosper. First to market advantage will be lost/squandered if MELA management doesn't get some first class advisement regarding marketing and financial matters ASAP.........

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    • Think bigger. ABT, JNJ

    • With all due respect dwoods, MELA has limited resources which I believe Gulfo is utilizing for the commercialization phase. He has made it quite clear during numerous CCs that his primary objective during the first year is the successful launch of the commercialization phase and that his target goal is 275 units (200 US, 75 Germany) during this year. He has also stated that he will utilize a very limited sales force during this year. His focus for now is not to ramp up sales but to insure melafind's success which he appears to be achieving from the statements coming out so far from the Derm community.
      In addition, I don't see him selling out for $6.5 unless it would be hostile. Gulfo has too much time in this and has purchased some big block shares in the sixes. I don't believe that he will settle for a pittance.

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      • All of that is understood. The fact that insiders own virtually none of the company, short sellers/MM? have taken over the pricing of the shares, the company is presently and in the short, middle and long term in need of funds, marketing prowess, etc. I fear your last point, although it may not be as hostile as one might believe, it [ the company] might be in play purely on a valuation point. M&A is a part of the market whether one wants it or not. If management wants to retain itself can it keep on devaluing shareholder equity? if so for how long? why aren't insiders/management buying shares? By the time Dr. G gets his commercialization phase together he will need to raise more capital, the competition will grow, first to market will wane, etc. IMO we need to get the share price stabilized and growing before it becomes to easy to take over, hence my stated position we need immediate PR/financial expertise/help.. There is no insider or large holder to protect it [share price] is there? Does the average shareholder want to wait another 2-3 years to get back to $8-9? Alot of questions for this presently one ambrionic product company with potential.

        Golden rule 1 the person/entity with the gold makes the rule..............

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