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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Nov 12, 2012 12:32 PM Flag


    Imho, the upside reward substantially exceeds the downside risk at this time. I continue to add shares. As I understood the comments at the CC, if all of the current written proposal letters become placements, the result is about 144 placements. Again, imho, we are going to blow away the 200 target for placements.
    regards endo

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    • I used to feel/think that way. I have bought shares at $6+ and at $2 for years now. As I have stated in my posts, I believe management has and continues to miss the boat regarding handling the marketing and the financing of the company. Until they bring in people to do that we are screwed. They will need to raise money soon with a depressed stock price and the market knows that. Whats the pps in a quarter or two when they go to the market for financing, with what I own I hope your rite. My confidence in management has been sincierly rocked. This stock is/will be dead money soon if mangement doesn't wake up. They just realized that the salespeople needed help to install machines? thats 101.....I love the concept and machine believing company has huge upside but management is suspect regarding its ability to capitalize on it...where/how long for $5 - 6 ps?

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      • dwoods
        Quite frankly, I am hard pressed to understand the high level of frustration you are expressing related to Management. Afterall, they are in the midst of executing a commercialiation phase that they outlined earlier this year. At that time, they repeatedly indicated in conference calls and Investor presentations that they would commence the commercialiation phase slowly directing their initial placements with Opinion Makers. Today, they are right on course to meet and probably exceed the placement objectives they outlined earlier this year. If, today you are frustrated with the level of rollout, why didn't you sell your shares when they originally outlined the commercialiation phase objectives?
        regards endo

      • Buyout is coming. I posted this theory weeks a go - and many thought I was a short. This is a company that is way to small to have success on the scale they desire. But they have a unique product that still have to prove has real value. I am buying more shares, and believe the Buyout is coming later in 2013. Hang on folks it will be a wild ride. But when the dust settles some of us are going to make some MONEY.

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