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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Nov 19, 2012 3:13 PM Flag


    IMO MELA will be a successful company.

    The present management might not be the same if they do not wake up and bring in some PR and Finance poeople real soon. The price per share is to low at present and some smart MM's or larger better managed companies will soon start to make a move on the company.MELA is in the revenue generation phase and whether management wants to or not they must start to support the price or they will be taken out, friendly or hostile, but they will be taken out. The short players have been having their way with the pricing action for quite awhile now but they are smart enough to know that within 2-3 quarters the numbers from all streams of revenue, sales,defered,recurring, are/will be positive. That Derm acceptance is real. IMO they will start to liquidate as MELA continues to sell shares at this price.

    Within a year or so insurance reimbursement cements the success. To bad management for all their smarts is so slow to realize what is so clear to see. With such a small float it will not take much to buy control. As for me I'm close to my averaged out price and am leaning on possibly liquidating. As I have averaged down my position became larger than anticipated due to managements ineptitude in promoting itself and handling its finances correctly. Tying up money for the next 6-12 months is hard to swallow. Relying on a buyout is highly speculative, especially with a new/startup company. There are so many other companies to make money with that have shareholder friendly management teams. I have been with MELA for quite awhile but.......................

    Lead, Follow, or get run over.....................

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