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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Feb 6, 2013 3:04 PM Flag


    There have been 16 Dermatologist located in well to do areas within 100 miles of my zip code who have been using Melafind for at least the past 6 months. Several of these Derms have national reputations and should now be in a position to speak from experience about the value of the Melafind device and its usage. Why didn't Gulfo lobby the AAD Convention organizers to have one or more of these Derms make a presentation or hold a symposium session at the Convention. Wasn't that one of the most fundamental objectives of the commercialization phase; namely, to get the device into the hands of these opinion makers?????
    regards endo

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    • samhasson Feb 6, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

      Endo, maybe Gulfo did contact them and got a video. Taking time out from your patients to attend a conference would be time consuming and disruptive to your business practice. I'm sure everyone would understand that, and my opinion is that the videos will accomplish his intended result.

      In the meantime, he is doing his level best, and although I agree that he might have been closer to his stated goal by listening more carefully to his marketing advisors, he knows he will pay for this if he doesn't adapt his approach.

      I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since I believe he is decent, honest, smart, and hard working. Like I have been saying, if the momentum is increasing in our favor, then he won't really have a problem with marketing and finance. The stock market doesn't care, and some of us don't either, and maybe the "smart thing to do" is to short the stock. But ultimately, the important focus is the depth of the momentum.

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      • Sam
        I can understand your desire to always attempt to find a silver lining, it is a sure sign of an investor falling so much in love with an investment, You respond to my posting that it would be disruptive to a Derms patients for him to attend a conference. Are you serious??? There will be thousands of Derms attending the AAD convention,as many as 5000. To be a speaker at this convention, especially as it relates to a supposed state of the art device, is extremely prestigous. Developing the videos is a solid action,however, making a major presentation by a nationally known Dermatologist at a major convention would have been an even better action. I am baffled that you cannot recognize this simple fact.
        regards endo

      • Sam, Gulfo has already been given the benefit of the doubt ..... He has 30 days to prove he was deserving of the faith .... I expect he will deliver..... 300+ minimum .. Just saying!

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    • That's another thing....... why do you guys believe that a private physician is going to take his valuable time away from his practice, costing him money in order to promote a device that benefits the economic bottom line of another company of which he has no financial stake?

      Why do you believe anyone is going to do this other than to get a couple of minutes of face time on the nightly news ? Most businessmen that I know (and that is exactly what a derm is) is not going to have any incentive or interest to do this just because you guys believe they should.

    • samhasson Feb 6, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      Endo, why don't you call them? 800 729 8849

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    • Endo:
      One of the top guys in the Melanoma field is Dr. Rigel. He is an invited speaker for the upcoming AAD meeting. You will recall he was an early adopter of Melafind & has long been a supporter. He is scheduled to give an update on Melanoma. You can bet he would mention Melafind, because it represents a major advancement.
      Saturday, March 02
      9 a.m. Melanoma Update / Dr. Rigel

      Also, see a previous post of mine regarding the upcoming symposium in Atlanta organized by Emory.

    • Gulfo lacks leadership you dope.

      How stupid are YOU endo??????

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