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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Feb 25, 2013 7:48 AM Flag


    Quite frankly, I find it incredible that some of my fellow longs would waste even one second discussing making the melafind device available to GP's in the near future. As with me, these fellow longs are holding their collective breath hoping the company can accelerate the placement of the devices to the most applicable target market; namely, the Dermatology community. Folks here want to run to the GP market when we are presently barely crawling to the dermatologist market. One step at a time folks, one step at a time.
    regards endo

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    • Of course the vast majority of longs what the device available to the GP (including the closeted ones who say they dont). They are not concerned about "saving lives" they are only concerned about saving their finacial azes here.

    • I will admit to not knowing Gulfo's stance on GPs using MelaFind and did not mean to imply that I did. You may remember my first posts on this board when I told the story of an aquaintance of mine who saw her GP because she was concerned about a skin lesion that she noticed. Her GP looked at it, said that it didn't look serious, but advised her to return to him in 6 months so he could look at it again. When she returned for a follow up visit six months later the GP was concerned enough to refer her to a dermatologist for follow up. Well it was melanoma, it had spread, and she died within a year. I am convinced that if the GP had had a MelaFind, the melanoma would have been identified earlier an my friend would probably be alive today. I have much more to say on this subject , but that is for another time.

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      • I agree Java,
        Melafind will someday be an excellent tool for GPs, especially those who are remotely located where a Derm may not be easily accessible however, Endo is correct in now it is important to break into the Derm field. Gulfo has neither the time or resources to apply for GP approval at this time and I believe that it will take some time for melafind to prove itself in the Derm community before the FDA will buy off on GPs.

    • Agree Endo,
      I believe that it will be some time to establish itself within the Derm community before the FDA will buy off on GPs and with 10,000 Derms to fill placements with in the U.S., no need to worry about GPs now.
      I believe that Gulfo's initial plans during pre-approval were for Derms only and it was the initial FDA team that wanted the language structured for Doctors then the second team had the hang up with the Derms only approach.

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