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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Feb 25, 2013 3:01 PM Flag


    MELA is due to report nexr week. The stock price ps is off more than 65% over the past year. The short position has grown to aprox.20% during that time. The company just did an offering of an additional aprox 20% of float @$130. The ps hasn't fallen/closed below $140 since offering. The company hires a PR firm and with 1 exception is very quite. A West Coast news cast talks of 200 or so units and a glowing report,as most are. The earning/proforma bar is set low by management. The company has financing for the future. The Dermatology community seems to be accepting the machine. The company is valued at less than $90million. I still do not see the risk/reward being in the shorts favor now. Sure would have been nice to have seen/taken it a year or so ago.
    Unless management, i have posted my position on them before, royally blow it we gould finally start to see pps stabilization and possible appreciation. The loan altough at double digits didn't include warrants/additional dilution that alot of other companies in similiar situations are forced to give. OPK a much larger and stronger company got a better rate i believe around 8% but gave away alot of warrants valued @ current valuation which will add to future dilution. As the man said " I have a dream" Mine is SEEING this puppy over $2 ASAP .

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    • dwoods
      I could be wrong on this but I believe the vulture capital financing did include some warrant language.
      regards endo

    • As the man said " I have a dream" Mine is SEEING this puppy over $2 ASAP --dwoods


      Far cry from the days when you guys were talking about seeing this puppy above $20 per share. Looks like that ocean cruise Sam was going to organize was booked on the SS Minnow.

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      • You refer to you guys. I have been following MELA for almost two years and have been investing/speculating in it for over 18 months. I don't ever recall discussing $20ps. As I have been forced to aggressively average down to get a position of aprox $2.15 I admit I would have rather been on the other side of the trade. I currently do not feel that my position is far from becoming profitable. Someone just spent a few $million on that secondary and should start to push this higher. Time to see if management is up to challenge.
        From your past posts I take it you were short. Whats your present position?

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