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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Apr 23, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Gulfo let us down?

    Yes, Gulfo has not performed as well as many of us would have liked. But that is not the critical question for me. Has the Melafind device let us down is the more critical question, at least to me. On April 30th, we will receive a much clearer insight into both placement and usage activity. Nothing else is important and that is why many longs here, like me, have not been posting recently. Anyone who spends anytime at all responding to the bashers here is a childish fool. Good luck to the longs here.
    regards endo

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    • Endo,
      Perhaps you have noticed but I have curtailed the responses back to the bashers and when I do it is normally something in regards to MELA (and to Fncy only) not which golf course I play at.

      Now in regards to Gulfo, may I suggest that we cut the man some slack until next weeks show and tell time?
      If I recall, he was being criticized for his lack of interest at the AAD only to find out that he was in fact there at the booth and meeting with Derms at a social gathering after closure of one day at the AAD. In addition, rather than spending money for a special presentation at the AAD, there were I believe 10 podium talks directly addressing Melafind by some very respected Derms who are presently using it.
      Gulfo has a rather stoic personality and is very tight lip. He appears to only release information at the quarterly reports and the investors meeting is a pleasant surprise coming so close to the end of the commercialization year.
      Since you appear to live in the NY area, perhaps you can attend the meeting and voice your concerns to him directly during the question and answer period. I'm quite sure that the longs would be appreciative of any information that you may share . I know I would.

    • In a capitalistic world potential/proformas are only good for so long. Then its show me the money time. A retrace to the past years high seems so distant and remote, it reminds me of Dr. Kings qoute ' I had a dream'.
      Regarding managements ability to date one could write volumes about it........................................anythings possible even $2-3 pps, near term, if they get it together. The approved device is worth a small fortune in the right companies/managements hands, IMO, as well as a few others ...........................
      health & happiness

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      • Endo/woods:
        I am very worried, bottom line:
        - melafinder numbers are not growing. 300 mile radius from zip code 10603 hasn't moved past 25sites in more than 2 months. Not good.
        - Australia Review was negative and approval there is not going to happen. Google it. Australia has the highest mela cancer rates in the world. Not good.
        - I am all about PR but what is Gulfo running a non-profit? He should be less concerned about increasing skin cancer exams and more concerned about placing more melafinds. Why are only roughly 50 locations registered as participating offices for May 1 free mela exams? Not good.

        The I had a dream analogy is appropriate here and it is exactly how I feel, great product in the wrong hands. The power and leverage that was needed to launch this and go against traditional practice economics in dermatology was far beyond MELA's capabilities. They needed a GSK, Merck, GE, or JNJ to do this. Clearly they are learning this lesson. It is too late now unless they want to sell for pennies. Sadly, I have lost six figures on this and believe unless proven wrong in the numbers in upcoming Q that we are headed quickly for disaster. Give credit where credit is due, fancy was right on this one.

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