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  • javalina2000 javalina2000 Jun 6, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Hey Exgas

    You were right. The manipulators did pull off a short attack just as you predicted. Admittedly they did it in a nefarious way. Someone really should investigate. Wall street remains a lawless landscape. Let us know your next prediction.

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    • Yup - while captain will sat Gulfo has an MBA, I say so do many others who don't have a clue about operating a publicly owned company. The fact is we have a doctor running our company - and a naive doctor at that, or else a crooked doctor. Until management is changed, or a unfriendly buyout with some competition, we are at the mercy of manipulators.

    • I have noticed that the tape is painted after market closes. I have Scottrade and this stock always closes with a different results after 4 pm. I might just have to call the SEC to try and understand why, This CEO should take steps to protect his Company, he should as for an Investigation. Why? This stock is being held down by manipulative forces. Until CEO takes this issue up with SEC, they will forever manipulate. Time for us to make that call if you own this stock.

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