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  • havisd havisd Jan 25, 2008 9:07 AM Flag

    This economy is going to drop like a Led Zeppelin

    Here is the bottom line on the economy. The banks were going defunct late last year, they were saved by sovereign funds and some Fed Funds. They have shored up their lending practices and are not loaning money, some predict a 50% pull back or more. That will stifle growth, period end of story. The GDP only looks good now because the projects and money already loaned out are still under way. Once that dries up the GDP will dive and unemployment will rise. These economic indicators lag the markets by a couple of quarters. This is the fear and all the big money knows it. I expect a rise to around 13,000 on the DOW, maybe 12,900 or so, then you should load up DXD as it will dive down to 10,000 or lower in the years to come as all the bad numbers come out.

    Keep in mind, the banks are just as screwed in Europe. If these two very large economies falter China will follow as will the rest of the global economy, it's all connected now. It'll be a big domino effect.

    This could take years to play out, but whatever the result, there is too much bad debt out there, too many loans were made, the banks are short of cash to lend, inflation is taking off in other countries and in the US... if the Fed raises rates to keep inflation down this economy will crumble. PLUS the federal gvt debt is over 9 Trillion and its ability to bail out the economy is severely limited, and the is WAR we're paying for overseas...a big drag on the economy at this point.


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