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  • Aug 25, 2009 10:31 AM Flag

    Recession is OVER! GOT IT! Get Long Now OR DIE!

    The recession is over thats why i am shorting DXD and using you shorts money against you going long DIA because apprently you idiots dont realize that the recession is over hell just look at new car sales going through da roof consumers are out spending in force and will continue to do so big time jobs debt ect does not matter all that matters is that the consumer keeps spending no matter what!

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    • New car sales are through the roof because of Cash for Clunkers. I've been long for 3000 points on the Dow (over 46% move from the March lows). I've also been long as the S&P has gone up over 50%!!! I short the market now (just a little bit), with DXD (purchase price 36.90). I'll be buying more if the Dow hits 10,000. We are due for a pullback. The longer and stronger this current rally becomes, the more DIRE the pullback will be!! The SMART money has now gotten SHORT, not long!! More money to be made short then HOPING the Market will continue to rally!!!

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