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  • maxchartman1 maxchartman1 Jan 19, 2011 7:29 PM Flag

    Nenner's Trades

    Market tops the last week of January and corrects.

    TBT - Buy and hold until August 2012.

    COPPER will top out at 4.82

    The SOX index will top out in April at 481

    Avoid - CSCO BAC

    XOM will break through 100.00

    BIDU target - 120.00

    GOLD and SILVER - Avoid - At best gold makes 1440 before a major pullback.SHORT gold on a close below 1290.Could pullback as far as 1000.SILVER looks better than gold at the moment but 31.00 was the top - for now.

    OIL will pullback for two weeks then take off again.Go long when it makes 86.00

    SHORT the Yen when it reaches 77-78.Y CS [ultra short YEN] trading around `16-17 will go to 24.00

    BULLISH on US - German markets.Malaysia to,but who trades Malaysia?

    US dollar will not collapse.Interest rates will rise dramatically in the future.

    WHEAT - Bullish until 2013
    CORN - Bullish until August 2012 [That means the fert plays are still a buy - MOS -CF - AGU]

    As most of you know Nenner is a cycle theorist.He relies on some unusual indicators like - sunspot activity.Sounds wierd but having experienced the unexplainablle predictive power of Fibonacci intervals i'll listen to anything.And his sunspot analysis is forcasting a major war between the end of 2012 and early 2013. Some wars produce an economic boom some an economic bust.
    He says the coming war will be an economic bust for the US.I can certainly see how a sudden,unnavoidable spike of spending brought on by war could be the cost that pushes us into a debt crises.

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    • stanmann Feb 1, 2011 12:20 PM Flag

      Where is the correction. I guess nenner's call did not account for manipilation.

    • thanks max

    • > Market tops the last week of January and corrects.
      > TBT - Buy and hold until August 2012.

      You mean buy bonds, for instance TLT, not TBT. Bonds go opposite the market. TBT is ultrashort.

      • 1 Reply to zzmoi2
      • Nenner's position on the dollar is based on the fact that interest rates will have to rise.The Fed certainly has PLENTY of upside room to raise rates.

        As for Nenner's "War" forecast I really take that with a grain of salt.That's an area for geo strategists,not market prognosticators and cycle "thoeorists".

        Right now the possiblity of a major war within 24 months does not look likely.Iran is the most obvious possibility and I think it's becoming more remote.Their nuke program is now having real difficulities.The Mossad have killed two of their top nuke scientists.The CIA nabbed another one in Italy last year.And now the US and Israel have a very successful joint hacking program working that has destroyed a number of Iranian centrifuges.

        Pakistan is a major concern because it's gots nukes and political instability.But a an unfriendly change of power is unlikely to result in a major war - unless it's with India.A civil war would be a more likely outcome.

        So Nenner has his "Sunspots" but currently there is no "Hot Spot" likely to break out into a major war.

    • max , wouldnt it make sense that if there will be a major war.. one should accumulate gold silver

      can you help me understand the reasoning here

    • tdcburns Jan 20, 2011 12:10 AM Flag

      Interesting how he is expecting the USD to maintain/rally and not start to collapse again for a few years.

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