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  • bubbadog195555 bubbadog195555 Nov 18, 2005 10:48 PM Flag

    No Clue!

    Hey stockmasterp23849,

    You aren't very bright. Please tell me that you have a high school education, please tell me you can read & write, please tell me your IQ is above 45?

    Go to the Drad web page and look at "insider trading", that's where you will find who sold and purchased shares of stock.

    This could be above your abilities to understand......
    What a Dum#a$$. So you think this guy bought 3000 shares on the same day he sold 400,000?

    You really have no clue.

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    • Disposition does not mean sale. If it were sale it would say so. That is why certain precise terminolgy must be used for reporting each transaction.

      Disposition often means transfer and often it is done to a family member or charities as well as other transfer situations. In case of gift to charities it naturally has tax benefits. Of course one could say that when stocks are given to a charity they may turn around and sell it right away but not all do that.

    • Funny how you must insult someone when they are simply responding to your post.

      You posted an aquisition of 3000 shares and a disposition of 400,000 on the same day by the same director.

      I beg you to short this stock. Downside is capped with no debt and huge cash postion. So please short on monday. That way we know where you stand and can laugh at your losses.

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