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  • azankich azankich May 21, 2002 11:19 PM Flag

    Walgreens...throwing away YOUR money!!!

    I am in shock at how Walgreens throws away their investor's money! There has been a shopping cart on the street corner that someone left in front of my house for two weeks. In that time I have called the local Walgreens no less than 3 times to ask them to come pick it up. The first two times I was told they would. The third time I asked for a manager who proceeded to tell me that he loses over 150 shopping carts each year! I again asked him to come pick it up and he declined saying he didn't have any way to (I live only 1/2 mile from the store) - instead asking me to bring it to them. I told him that I wouldn't and I was already helping them more than most people would. He then told me to ask the garbage man to haul it away to the dump! I thought I was doing the "right thing" by helping them locate their lost carts, instead I am told just to have the garbage man toss it?!?!?!? Aren't those things worth $300 each? Let's see...150 x $300 = $45,000 each year gone at this one store! One would think if they had the chance to recover at least some of those carts they would be all over it - instead they want people to throw them away!!! Oh well. I won't be investing in this stock with that attitude. BTW - that Walgreens store is located at 2400 S JACKSON STREET in SEATTLE WA 98122. Feel free to call the manager and express your disbelief at how they throw money in the trash. Their number is (206) 329-6824.

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    • Dear azankich, Reconditioned carts will run between $10 - $30 each. We doubt an average store will be short 150 carts per year....think about this!...that's almost one every two days!!! Depending on accounting the cart may be worth nothing at time of loss. However we agree with you that the manager should have of least picked up the goddam thing.

      We are in between a major time off and off to London for a couple weeks...Harley in Key West, actually had some great raiding lobster traps this we were accused of being poachers last time we discussed this... and "WAGS" and I have a very hot 40ish single mom meeting us in London..."GO CHIA"

      Looks like the board has picked up...hope the regulars will continue to "defend" the good guys from the "WWF bad guys".

      Georgia has issues that we think are null and void...Go "Kilroy"...we say no way!!!! We do understand but our opinion says "get on with business"

      N.Y. Times Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman had a good one today that made good sense to us...hope everyone has a great weekend...we have got to get out of this trading range, and we will... provided no Geo-Political events in the near future.

      Sincerely Johnboy1905 and "THE NEW WAGS"

    •'s not as bad as you think. The carts we carry only run about $75 apiece. Where you came up with $300 each I'll never know.

    • They probably send the employees out in the evening to get rid of the carts to create expenses to distract the dollar losses from what is shoplifted from the stores.

    • I recommend that you get a life.