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  • johnboy1905 johnboy1905 Jan 9, 2003 8:36 PM Flag

    What would you do?..if you ran WAG?

    We encourage all the posters of this board to posts their thoughts on how to increase front end sales... "If you ran WAG....what would you do??? We sincerely would say for starters that we would stock all WAGS with beer and wine, similar to 7-11 selections. Let's get those "pick ups" in our parking lots.. on the way home from work... and sell some smokes, pork rhines and Veinna sausages along with the beer and wine and get them used to driving in our parking lots instead of "Circle - K" and 7-11... make sure they pass the "Daytona 500" t-shirts on the way back from the cooler! ps give those "good old boys" a coupon for a free script on conversion from an existing drug store.

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    • Heyman, I see you are bringing out all your aliases: heyman, oscar, and richie. Where's investingzeusdouche? Are you trying to gang-lie me? Richie alias lies about PE, and whether or not he's long or short---get the ruler. Heyman lies about working for Walgreens. Oscar lies about everything. What else will you try today. You have no credibility with this board.

    • Heymannhmmm-haven't you learned to just ignore Scoville. He calls you a liar but he is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. For fantasy he dresses up in his cute little skirt and dances around his trailor while waving his pom pom's yelling GO WAG. He has lied about inside trading, there is no insider buying going on however as Ex pointed out there is no selling either. He has lied about Zeus claiming to have bought CVS at $64, we're still waiting for that post where he said that. He posted some propaganda that some big announcement was going to be announced at the stockholder meeting, guess what, no major announcement. All this comes from a man (???) who on 3 of his alias' claims to have bought stock the morning of the great earnings thus missing out on at least 2 1/2 points of the current runup. He claims to have received the price from the previous close although the stock opened up a buck and never dropped below that. He has lied on other occassions as well but unlike himself I have better things to do that to go back in history and find his previous lies. I appreciate that he is a long but unlike myself he doesn't have a realistic view of the company. One of his alias' posted we'd be at $40 soon, nice, but as realistic as him being an intelligent man.

    • who said I never worked for Walgreens?

    • By the way, heyman, you have never explained to this board how you could be a 20 year Walgreens veteran without having ever worked for Walgreens. Could it be just another in a long series of lies?

    • You'd better check again. Put on your glasses. Insiders, in the know, are buying and holding. Follow their lead if you want to make money.

    • there are not that many insiders buying Wag (except for employees who know almost nothing about stocks). Wag is touted as being a great stock and employees have money deducted from their paycheck to buy the stock at a discount and most employees don't even know what they are doing. The top dogs haven't been buying much lately. Check it out yourself.

    • Buy and hold, like the insiders are doing. They know that 2003 is going to be a great year for Wag.

    • actually they encourage employees to submit ideas. They give up to $10,000 for employees suggestions. It's hard to believe that a non-employee would know enough about the operations of the company to make a useful suggestion.

    • I don't think WAG can take any ideas from outside the company, they even have restrictions about ideas employees can submit. If they were to use one, it sets a pressident, if they made money from an idea, someone might sue. Even though I'm a shareholder, they've ignored ideas and me when I've submitted. However, if I alert them about a safety concern, they have replied and corrected the problem. Besides, how are those fat cats at the top going to justify thier high compensation?
      Must be a tough spot to be in, earnings are good but the stock isn't rising. But hey, at least they're rich, but then when they get old and rich, you got Jesus saying things like, "a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle has a better chance than a rich man getting into heaven" I wonder why he said that?
      Maybe it's better to be a little man.

    • who said WAG isn't looking...LOL...."US"

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