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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 Nov 11, 2003 11:35 AM Flag

    missing 1 bil

    looked at monthly sales. cvs, up and down.

    wag, amazingly consistent.

    cvs stated pharmacy sales are effected by cheaper generics.

    wag didn't mention it.

    big drug companies profits are down due to gererics.

    wag still cranking out good numbers.

    sounds too good to be true, maybe too good?

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    • I looked at the tickers you mentioned as well as a few others. Generally, they are very positive with the exception of IVX. (but they have a strong pipeline)
      Somehow, I suspect you knew that.

    • Or maybe I could be a Walgreens executive. By cashing in my options at shareholder and company expense, I can make more money than even the president.

    • Is it still missing?

      "looked at monthly sales. cvs, up and down."

      Concerning isn't it.

      "wag, amazingly consistent."

      Yep. For 28 years now. Wag is breaking the records month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year. Set your clock by it.

      "cvs stated pharmacy sales are effected by cheaper generics."

      Excuse after excuse. Remember the one about Easter falling on an inappropriate day? That's my all time favorite.

      "wag didn't mention it."

      Didn't need to.

      "big drug companies profits are down due to gererics"

      That's a wonderful little sentence. How it relates to Walgreens I fail to comprehend.
      You see, stupid, Walgreens is a DRUG RETAILER.
      The big drug companies are manufacturers. Can you say "manufacturers"?

      Walgreens also sells batteries. I suppose if one of the battery companies is having a bad year, you will somehow relate that to Walgreens as well. You're just not too bright, are you.

      "wag still cranking out good numbers"

      Yeah. Still. Since 1901.

      "sounds too good to be true, maybe too good?"

      Stop signs are red. They are also red.

      That's how your last sentence reads. Did you mean for that to happen, or were you just frustrated because CVS got their ass kicked by, OF ALL COMPANIES, RITE AID. To me, that sounds TOO BAD TO BE TRUE, MAYBE TOO BAD.