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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 May 11, 2004 3:18 PM Flag

    CR Walgreen couldn't work there today


    The Consummate Manager: 1994 Retailer of the Year Profile
    4/23/2003 1:03:00 AM
    By Gary Rejebian

    <Founder CR Walgreen, a self-taught pharmacist and shrewd businessman who said he "had no desire to drift along with a single store," had grown the company to nearly 400 units by the time of his death in 1939.>

    Self Taught, imagine that, today they'd have him sweeping the floor or answering the phone. Everybody at Walgreens knows if you didn't get a higher education, you're not worth shit!
    I think the old man knew enough, to know how little he actually knew. This left him open minded and capable of learning. Those who think they know it all, such as Wag folk, are closed minded, therefore incapable of originating or even considering new ideas. To do so would be "creative" not "educated".
    Bill Gates and Steve Balmer, college drop outs.
    Dave Thomas founder of Wendy's, dropped out of high school.
    Abe Lincoln, self educated as a laywer. Just to name a few.

    Limiting your employment candidates to mostly those of higher education is like putting all your money in one stock. Sure, some investmants may not perform well but a few might just turn out to be high flyers. The profits from those will more than offset the losers.
    Those that are truly creative and resourseful will survive and even flourish,,,without you.
    The closed minded thinking of this company
    will keep the stock in a rut for years to come.

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    • I'm with you, investmentgrade. This whiner was pissing and moaning about not being able to scam his wife's Walgreen insurance thru duplicate billing. He was on and on about cafeteria, cafeteria, cafeteria--like a broken record. As I recall, someone even identified him, which is why he left this board for a while.

    • Sorry but you're wrong.
      Permabulls made that stuff up attempting to discredit my posts.
      The cafeteria plan states one can choose benifits instead of current compensation. This gives me the impression, if you don't take benifits you should get the cash equivelent but you won't. Mostly women, working at Wag in addition to their husbands working elsewhere would suffer. They don't need the health coverage but get no extra pay. If you have two women working identical jobs and get identical wages, the woman with outside healthcare, costs Wag less than the other. Since women for the most part, are effected because most men are the providers in the family, I feel it misleading and possibly discriminatory. Also, I brought up this problem because if it turned out that Wag was violating IRS rules and was penalized it would hurt the stock price.
      An offer was made to explain it to me only if I agreed to leave this board and never come back. I refused the offer because the situation does not apply to me. Outside of the controversy and possible effect on the stock price, I don't really care. Also, I could not truthfully agree not to come back to this board.

    • Pardon me if I'm wrong, but didn't you start posting here because you were upset about not being able to get on your wife's Walgreen insurance so you could double bill claims? Something about "cafeteria style"?

    • No I'm not saying education is a bad thing. I'm also not saying lack of education automatically leads to more creativity. Further, I disagree in that identifying talent isn't so difficult as it might seem. Innovative companies have developed ways of doing so. One should buy the stock of an innovative company and sell the stock of those that are not innovative.
      Other than that, I totally agree with your post. It's funny how most seem to assume my post is born out of some frustration related to employment, I'm not frustrated and I don't want for different employment. In my own way, I'm sorting companies based unconventional criteria. The stock market, like it or not, is a competition. To succeed you have to think outside the box and see what others don't in order to buy and sell before they do. Thus I win and the competition loses as long as I'm ahead of them.

    • In fiscal 2003 ended Aug. 31, Walgreens hired 3,725 new pharmacists from pharmacy schools and its competitors...the opportunity is open for all. So much for the "pharmacy shortage" scare. Sincerely, "US"...say that is over ten a day...hummmm...hummmmm!

    • Wal-Mart is hiring floor sweepers. ...Probably to replace all the illegal imigrants they had to let go last year. Go apply. I hear they hire anyone and don't pay any benefits.

      Instead of complaining about WAG's educational requirements(it's a free market-nobody is forced to get an education), direct your frustrations somewhere where it's deserved.

    • "The closed minded thinking of this company"

      Pure BS! What are you smoking? Not that I give a shit about you or your stupid comments.

    • Gee negfeedback. You're really sounding bitter here. Did you get passed over by a floor sweeper with more education?