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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 May 12, 2004 10:41 AM Flag

    CR Walgreen couldn't work there today

    Sorry but you're wrong.
    Permabulls made that stuff up attempting to discredit my posts.
    The cafeteria plan states one can choose benifits instead of current compensation. This gives me the impression, if you don't take benifits you should get the cash equivelent but you won't. Mostly women, working at Wag in addition to their husbands working elsewhere would suffer. They don't need the health coverage but get no extra pay. If you have two women working identical jobs and get identical wages, the woman with outside healthcare, costs Wag less than the other. Since women for the most part, are effected because most men are the providers in the family, I feel it misleading and possibly discriminatory. Also, I brought up this problem because if it turned out that Wag was violating IRS rules and was penalized it would hurt the stock price.
    An offer was made to explain it to me only if I agreed to leave this board and never come back. I refused the offer because the situation does not apply to me. Outside of the controversy and possible effect on the stock price, I don't really care. Also, I could not truthfully agree not to come back to this board.