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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 May 15, 2004 9:40 AM Flag

    my response to a bunch of posts

    choad thanks for the tech analysis, I know it took awhile to type it.
    johnboy, I got a chuckle out of his holyness pic.
    greg, I don't fully read all links, it would be nice if the poster would add a line as to the point of the link. Yesterday I wanted place some buy orders before the weekend. I'll go back and read the whole thing later.

    jramp, you are right to a certain extent.

    Maybe Jordnt is better compared Koslowski. But you'd have to admit, he pales by comparison to Pat Tillman. I didn't bring him up except as a casual mention. It was somebody else who phrased him. I cautioned as I am skeptical about people, especially those in high places.
    It is a basic human fact that very few do anything without considering what they will get in return. I include myself in this statement.
    We are drawn to famous and powerful people for some reason. We feel that just being close to them somehow, makes our life better.
    I have felt the same. Clinton's motorcade came near my home. I felt compelled to view it, I don't know why. Later the Lewinski scandle came out. Clinton, was just a man with weakness that we all have. I felt disillusioned. Now, when somebody starts telling me how great a person is, I guess a defense mechanisum kicks in and makes me question that person. I wonder, are they really worth looking up too?
    I read the other posts from johnboy. Yes, Jordnt has done some good things. After I posted, I asked myself, what have I done? I do a lot but percentage-wise, do I do more or less than Jordnt? I don't know. I do know that I have given much of my time, not just money. There were no newspaper articles written about the things I do.
    I find words of wisdom in song lyrics. Perhaps these say it best.

    We are like sheep witout a shepard
    we don't know how to be alone
    so we wander around this desert
    and wind up following the wrong gods home

    Lately, I have begun to think, maybe I do too much for others.
    I said the stock market is a dirty game. If the world runs on bullshit, maybe I need to learn how to bullshit to be successful. If I post for my own percieved benifit, what is wrong with that? Aren't you bulls doing the same?
    Why am I here? I did my best to explain it. Perhaps I don't understand fully myself. I've made back the money I lost on Wag, why bother?
    Perhaps it is a feeling that if I can predict Wag's movements, I'll have better insight to the whole market. I have heard that sports fans subconsciencly feel they can influence the outcome of the game. Maybe I'd like to think I can do the same with Wag.
    Perhaps I am jealous because I lack a formal education and fear for the furure and I'm jealous of those who are confident.
    I have recieved help from time to time in my life but never from a rich and powerful person. So maybe I just resent the rich.

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    • Somebody toss me a VOMIT BAG!

      You've got the song quote and EVERYTHING in that message, don't you. That's just SO touching.

      I've got to hand it to you, though. One day, you're telling us how stupid we all are (message 32582). The next day, you've got us jumping through hoops for your amusement.

      Message 32604 "I want peaches, bring me some peaches, you stupid investors"

      Message 32606 "Yes mas'r, Yes mas'r"

      Message 32607 After pretending to take a bite. "These peaches aren't sweet enough, fetch me some more"

      Messages 32610 thru 32613 "Yes mas'r, Yes mas'r"

      Congratulations on your epiphany and your promotion to this board's Head Puppeteer.

      • 1 Reply to jramp20032000
      • "Somebody toss me a VOMIT BAG!"

        I can relate, felt the same when I read that collection of Jordnt-isums.

        "I've got to hand it to you, though. One day, you're telling us how stupid we all are (message 32582). The next day, you've got us jumping through hoops for your amusement."

        So,,,,, are you saying I'd make a good CEO?

        "Congratulations on your epiphany and your promotion to this board's Head Puppeteer."

        Didn't you just call "us" stupid also?

    • For this post I had to put in my two cents -- you have said what most are too timid to admit. Give yourself credit -- you have pride and no amount of money can buy or replace that.

    • Glad you liked the pic. We enjoyed your last post also....we enjoyed your post and found a sense of inspiration from it. Do you like George Thorogood's songs? Hang in're not the only one who is trying to figure out why we are here. Have a good one..."US"

    • Very Very Well put thoughts. It got interesting as I began reading and the
      sure enough I read up to the last word.