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  • jramp20032000 jramp20032000 Feb 13, 2005 8:32 PM Flag

    Walgreens Stands Firm

    Thurstew, be serious. Are you really insane?

    You can tell us, we won't tell anyone.

    I'm starting to feel kind of bad making fun of you. I guess you really can't help being the way you are.

    I'll type slow, see if you can understand.

    Walgreens and Merck Medco are not the same. They are two different companies.

    GM is Merck Medco's largest group of clients.

    The United States is Walgreens largest group of clients.

    Subtract out the prescriptions of GM employees and their families and that ONLY LEAVES ABOUT 260 MILLION PEOPLE for Walgreens to serve.

    Now if you eliminate the GM business from Merck Medco, we're more than likely talking about bankruptcy.

    Do you understand any of this?

    Let me know if you need it broken down further.

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    • Well, there was some information in your post. Before reading one of your posts about Merck Medco, I had previously known nothing about that company. This is the WAG message board, right?

      You did give me some useful information about Medco, if I ignored the BS part, which was about 50% of your insulting post. Can you refrain from the insults and just present facts? The more BS you use in your posts, the less I like WAG, only because YOU give it a "STONG BUY" rating. But, you're also the guy who thinks customers don't matter, millions of them could die, and Walgreens would still have record profits.

      But, I still say you are contradicting yourself when you say Merck Medco could lose "BILLIONS" but Walgreens loses almost nothing. How much, really, do you think Merck Medco would lose? You sound like you could be shorting this stock, if they are even publicly traded. Are you actually referring to Medco Health Solutions (stock ticker MHS)? Not sure where you got the "Merck" part of their name, if that's the company you are talking about. Maybe I should go to the message board for MHS and see if you're there, too? If so, I bet you say "STRONG SELL" for them.