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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 Aug 18, 2004 12:23 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    <Didn't you admit that you were posting all your nonsense in order to talk the stock down to the lower twenties, and then you would change ID's and become a bull?>
    Your close, I said back down to the high twenties before I'd buy and become bullish.

    <How's that strategy working out for you?>
    If you've read my posts, you'd know that I own some of WAG in a CEF. Which causes me to be neutral at the present time. However I still remain optomistic that a buying major opportunity will be here before years end but by that time I may not have any interest. Did you see the Govenor of Il. announcement today. Says he will have a sysytem up and running in a month to allow Il. residents to buy scripts from Canada, the U.K. and Ireland. Time will tell but it doesn't look good for Wag IMHO.