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  • unionsandwalgreens unionsandwalgreens Jun 28, 2005 10:18 AM Flag

    Big meeting today

    We have all been saving for last 3-6 months for this. So we will be fine.

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    • I'm just dying to see these picket line signs - "we are only making $100,000 a year", "we want MLK Day off", "we are special - we don't want our medical cost going up, like everybody else" - and how many people will sympathize with that BS? If you are so "close" to the source, why wouldn't you say what are the REAL sticking points?

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      • The REAL sticking points are the raise is too small AND we are not going to reopen the healthplan deals contigent on accepting the paltry raise. As for looking for sympathy everyone I talk to is sick of rising plan fees so I am sure they will understand. I dont recall MLK day being an issue if you are trying to trivialize our demands that was a tasteless and low class statement.

        You sound like some mid-level fool who is soooooo angry the truth is getting out you have to react like a child and/or simpleton; which you may very well be.

        No wonder you are probably just a little mid level gopher boy as for who i am and how close I am if you knew it would scare the living daylights out of you. I am posting from a 3rd party computer on a line which is completely unconnected to me just as the ID. So I could be the union president couldnt I ? :)

      • I, too, have to chuckle at the thought of white-smocked pharmacists picketing in front of Walgreens. It's childish and, really, kind of stupid when you think of it.

        I have to agree that we're not being told what the real sticking points are. $.50 an hour? MLK Day? Not being able to post a sign during breaks/lunch that says "The Pill Pusher is Taking a Break...Be Back in 5 minutes"?


        I know there are pharms who want out of this union and don't want an additional 1% of their salary going to an organization that has done nothing material for them. I think the union senses this and is posturing.

    • <<<<<We have all been saving for last 3-6 months for this. So we will be fine.>>>>>

      I guess THAT statement reveals who you are.

      Now how is this information supposed to "scare the living daylights" out of us?