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  • rxm1973 rxm1973 Jul 14, 2005 3:37 AM Flag

    Tech Ratios

    Was wondering from anyone who is actually in the affected market. Is there a tech to RPH ratio law in Illinois? Have heard that some strike affected stores have from 6 to 9 techs working at a given time. I have no idea, since I don't live in the area and can't see for myself. I am assuming there would be no more than 2 RPhs on duty at any given time, because of the reduction in available staff. In addition would love to hear honest assesment from any techs affected as to how well the fill in pharm supervisors are doing as "in the field Rph's"

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    • factual scenario
      Company After lengthy negotiations the company told the union We cant meet your demands because we cant make a profit with those conditions.
      Union response Profits are your problem. our obligation is to obtain further benefits for our members.
      I was a company executive of this now one of five companies no longer in existence.

    • Lunch breaks. Its a no-brainer. Wags could very easily designate a lunch period without it costing them a dime. However, I think what the union wants (among other things ridiculous) is a paid lunch period. It aint going to happen.
      In the 1930`s we had such a thing as a shoemakers union. It disappeared in the early forties because they did nothing for the members except prevent anyone from openeing a shoe repair store within 3 blocks of them.
      All the way up into the 70`s there was a barbers union and they did precious little for the members except something similar to the shoemakers.)they may still exist)
      In the 1950`s, here were five pie manufacturing companies in Chicago. Today there are none. Contributing largely to their demise were the two unions. Teamsters and Amer. Bakery & Confectioners.
      The auto companies. Their pension funds are grossly underfinanced even though the government gave them extended time periods to bring the funds into line. Solution---Up the price of cars. The demand will go down. Lay off Union people and save on all those contributions that were shoved down their throats over the years.. Maybe the unions will help the auto companies extricate themselves from this Catch 22. ---It aint gonna happen.

    • You have been spewing out the name calling and arrogance since I joined, so no apology necessary. I think you deserved it. How does someone as egotistical as you like kissing the DMs ass all the time? Just keep filling those scriptburgers. Order up! Honk! Honk! Ms. Wag will you hurry up?? And while youre at it, ring me up a 6-pack and some Kotex.

    • ugh!!!

      I meant to say hard to put down not the gibberish I wrote!

      (of course many think that I only write gibberish - LOL!!)

    • You're correct- I was talking to Wagisgreat.

    • Go right ahead - I work for the the VA.

      BTW - I believe Yahoo use New York time so if the poster would have been in say CA then it would have been even earlier.

    • I agree - IF he had picked a meal break instead that would have been to put down.

    • What time did I get up?? Oh you must be a RXM too! Ever hear of different time zones Idiot? You make me want to get my RX at CVS!

    • There is not a huge shortage - it's estimated that there are only 4,000 openings - down from 7000 in less than 3 years. If you think 4,000 out of more than 200,000 is a huge shortage you better take another stats class.

      BTW - this shortage w/be gone by 2010 if not sooner. Then we will really see how much the chains value their pharmacists.

    • "Why don't you say the same thing about TMP he is the one who put the swears in his post. In caps as well"

      Im not going to look back and try to figure out who started it. What does it matter, youve instigated much of the name calling on here.

      "Are you intimidated by a woman with a brain?"
      A legitimate question, but inapplicable here

      "Jackass! oops I guess that is a swear huh"
      Name calling is just words which have no meaning to me, where what I said was the truth, you didnt even deny it.

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