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  • seniorbranchmanager seniorbranchmanager Aug 11, 2005 7:12 PM Flag

    I ate at Wag's yesterday for lunch.

    Great coffee. The restaurant is very clean.

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    • Don't sugar coat tell us what you think

    • filthysanchez_filthysanchez filthysanchez_filthysanchez Feb 13, 2007 6:31 AM Flag

      Baguette de jeringa!

    • filthysanchez_filthysanchez filthysanchez_filthysanchez Feb 13, 2007 6:24 AM Flag

      You say you only go to Walmart to get help for your kids Spanish homework, before, so better go back for youself.

      Mas "su madre" dialago?

      No es simpatico!

      Y por estupido, "El" United States mean "one" only.

      Hay mucho mas espanol in la futura!


    • I heard he's no damn good on poop detail.

      They say he deposits more than he picks up.

    • Yank is gone! Hooray, but alas, there seems to be another filthy little rodent that currently is attempting to enter this board! This person proves, without a doubt, that it is possible to be illiterate in more than just one language! The Yahoo police, who were vigilant in snuffing out the crude, lewd, and rude loser, Yank, will be quick to deny this filthy one access also! He will be squashed, like the little bashing cockroach that he is, and sent out on Yahoo community service for a good long time. Maybe the new filthy loser is the SAME filthy loser as before and is just trying to sneak back in! I hope that if this is true then he will be thwarted quickly and re banished! I heard from one of the reports that Yank has been picking up puppy poop, dog litter and animal crap in general and actually takes it home with him to use as air freshener! This is a fitting punishment, but I suggest that the park will eventually smell worse with Yank being in it, than the dog sh*t smell currently emanating from the area, as his current domicile and the area around it will attest! I hope they keep him picking up litter and if his newest alleged transgression proves to be true, that his community service is extended at least until July 4th and then they ship him, with a one way ticket, to an area with NO internet access!

    • Filthy Sanchez is YANK, and if he ever set foot in Texas we would take right good care of him if you get my drift.

    • Caca de toro. Pendejo loco pinche cabron. Come caca.

    • filthysanchez_filthysanchez filthysanchez_filthysanchez Feb 12, 2007 7:45 PM Flag

      Como su compania con nada los hispanicos en "senior management"?

      Se visita Walmart para la differencia!

      No cojones.


    • filthysanchez_filthysanchez filthysanchez_filthysanchez Feb 12, 2007 5:45 PM Flag

      So, senor, you donate la sperma to la hija de Cheyney?

      You come down to Big Bend, Texas and we fix you up with a burro for you first piece of ass in years! You no need to kiss the burro. Not that you mind since you spend most your life smooching bananabocas rectum.

      Bring you wife. Maybe she enjoy Donkey Kong.

      Bomp, bomp!

    • Taiguy,
      Great post!

      It looks like a few losers came through today who could only be called Yank-like, although to simply call them losers, impugns losers everywhere! These were SUB-LOSERS who use the veil of anonymity to post their classless, asinine, bitter and stupid messages against CRW2 as well as GWB! These are simply gutless, spineless, sniveling pukes who have no real success in life and begrudge and envy anyone who has become successful! They are too lazy to get off of their ass and work long and hard like these people did and prefer someone else more powerful than they are(which is everybody), like the big brother government or a labor union, to take it and hand it to them! They are not worth responding to and I am venting about, rather than replying to, so it is back to business as usual now. They are sub-human losers, so enough said about them! I think that Bananarug, Up.tobat and Taiguy took care of what needed to be said, and my contribution is for the purpose of reinforcing the message that they delivered so well.

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