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    • I have never seen a Walgreens close it's doors. If you are from the Northwest Burbs of Chicago, Mount Prospect. Check out the CVS store at Rand/Elmhurst/Northwest Highway. Huge traffic area. The store is closed, boarded up and now is a used car lot. Never have seen a Walgreens close in this area. CVS cannot compete in the Chicago Area. Walgreens is strong.

    • Second Opinion� Weekly - WAG
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      Symbol: WAG
      Name: WALGREEN CO
      Exchange: NYSE Close as of week ending

      Opinion LONG Date 11/14/05 Price 47.07
      Score 0 C-Rate 0.0 UPGRADED

      Stock is a Buy.

      Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicates a Bullish Trend.
      Chart pattern indicates a Weak Upward Trend.
      Relative Strength is Bullish.
      Up/Down volume pattern indicates that the stock is under Accumulation.
      The 50 day Moving Average is rising which is Bullish.
      The 200 day Moving Average is rising which is Bullish.
      Look for Support at 45.16

    • wow, you sound really frustraited!
      yuk yuk

    • To whom it may concern (neggy),
      Why are you on this message board? Realistically Walgreen's has been in business
      for 100plus years,all your negativity(pardon the pun), and venom against others won't bring the company
      to its knees. Is this what you want to happen
      to the 180,000 people who work for it. Do you
      want families thrown out of the street searching for their next meal? You will probably say "put me on ignore", I am hoping
      you will let your psychiatrist put you
      on Abilify. I am hoping you are as mature as
      a grown man should be, and let those of us
      with a professional and financial interest in
      Walgreens alone. Have a good Thanksgiving

    • ""Like I said no stones.""
      Just your opinion

      ""Say why it will fail.""
      I've said it over and over, just cause you missed it, I should repeat? Go back through the posts.
      ""Even Stock Scouter says WAG is a low risk investment.""
      Low risk&low growth, until the truth comes out.

      ""As for name calling, I remember you saying some things towards me first.""
      Nope, sorry, you started it. I have no need to name call, I'm not frustraited like you longs who can't see the writing on the wall.
      Five years of waiting, the street says this stocks growth is over, they don't pay a decent dividend, they can't afford to, so why own it??

    • ""So with inflation your 2% ING bank account is losing you money! LOL What a moron. He could be making thousands off of WAG this year alone and he is LOSING money in his ING bank account due to inflation.""

      As explained many times before, onlt part of my wealth is in savings which is prudent for unexpected short term cash needs.

      ""You truly are a f-ing moron.""
      More name calling out of frustration.

      ""Again, why so much hatred towards WAG? Still cannot answer.""
      I can answer and I have many times before. All that happened was you all twist the facts and make up shit in true Wag managment fashion.
      Lies bullshit and propaganda,,, it's the Wag way, and it will fail.

    • Take into account inflation?
      Didn't think so, go back to being a cum recepticle for hubby, stupid biatch.

    • What I meant is I've owned this stock for 10 yrs, buying and selling along the way.

      Things can change, but Wag has been a stock I can count on over the long haul. Sure like any other stock it gets over bought and over sold, that's when I trade.

    • I didn't say it was flat.
      You said you've held for ten years. If that is true, you are not up any money in the last five years. Why do you longs have to twist everything to justify your lack of judgement in hanging on to this POS?

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