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  • whybuythisnow whybuythisnow Dec 20, 2005 7:48 PM Flag

    Told Ya, Dump This Stock

    Solid support, which the naysayers will dispute because they're "in love" with this sock:

    Insiders are net sellers, including the Walgreens themselves.

    Deutsche and CSFB, the most respected analysts tracking Walgreens, have a neutral or hold rating, not bullish.

    Walgreens price is already consensus "low" price set by analysts, so stock is below their floor with little support.

    How's that? Don't listen, then take your chances. Wag has had a nice run but now is the time to take profits because it's highly overpriced. Wouldn't touch it here, going to $42imo

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    • Solid support????????????
      Insiders selling at this time of the year are not harbingers of things to come. At this time selling becomes very personal to a holders tax position or to other considerations. This is nothing new. Its that time of the year. Watch the fund managers. They are already starting to position themselves for their favorable yearend reports.
      As to those two firms you seem to rate highly
      ------may I suggest that those are two firms out of a zillion and I would further suggest that you look into their interests as to Wags.

      You indicate that some analysts seem to think that Wags is trading at the "low". If this is so, that at "45" it is most unlikely to hit "42".
      What you reference as "solid" appears to be far more likely "slushy"

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      • Totally disagree. Down again today in an up market. Wag has seen its best days for a long while.

        You're better off folding and moving on. I'm not buying that tax consideration thing. If wag were that good an investment you'd see more buying thn selling. Market is up, people are buying. Wag is down, people are selling it. Better deals are out there. Don't kid yourself and fall in love with one stock, esp. wag which is past its peak.