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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 Jun 4, 2006 10:29 AM Flag

    ZOOM, how exciting, NOT! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Wag popping up to $42 for the umteenth time in the last 6 friggin years. Gee I think the longs were sooooo excited earlier when Wag was close to $50.
    Maybe in another 6 years this dog will break above $50 and stay there. In the meantime I see more downside, this was just a "pop" in a downtrend, look at any chart.
    Somebody here quoted Cramer, I'm suprised Cramer would talk positivly about Wag, I'm reading his book and Wag doesn't seem to fit his various styles of trading. So far as I've read, Cramer is not a "buy and hope" kinda player and with Wag, thats all you can do is buy and hope.

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    • ""What do you mean by "long term"?""
      The past 6 years, yeah I know over extended periods of 20 years Wag has done great so has the overall market, those days are over it's now a stock pickers market. Wag isn't anything special and will not outperform the market.
      There are much better stocks out there.

    • hahaha, dude, you never cease to amaze me. Not to beef Cramer, but just to display how dumb you are Ill entertain your post. A. Cramer is a best of breed junkie (and WAG indisputably has more revenue and more planned growth than the sector and Cramer has said multiple times that WAG was BofB), B. Cramer is a fundamentals (double digit sales growth at WAG) trader not a chart trader and the only people shorting WAG are those that are dumb enough (you) to believe that trends are forever, C. You mention hope, but the results are in, son, WAG is selling more product from every isle of their store. Why hope., D. The retail sector has never been explosive and you speak of WAG like its a short-term play (Cramer invests [which is what those with atleast 2 active brain cells are doing in WAG] in Best of Breed and trades explosive plays--learn the difference).

      It amazes me that you cannot see the writing on the wall. Consumer staples (everyone needs shaving cream, toothpaste, prescription drugs, bifocals, etc no matter how good the economy) and retail rule the market when the economy begins to slow. Even if nothing changed at WAG, this is where the institutions will be parking their money therefore driving the price up.

      I could go on for a while, but I assume that we will hit 45, 50, and so on and you'd be long gone. In that case, Im not even creating a true foe, I'd be batting around my little bitch for a couple of months and proving him wrong (and that he's a blithering fool), so Im just gonna put you on ignore.

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      • You longs are all the same. You can't see the forest for the trees can you? If Wag is so great why can't it get above highs from 6 years ago? It was overvalued then and still is because growth as a percentage is slowing. And the stupid ass management decided to lease instaed of buy properties. Some might call that debt, I call it leverage, real estate goes up in price so Wag doesn't build equity it only pays increased rent. This is just one reason Wag is dead money. Safe maybe but no growth here, the market has been telling you this, insiders have been telling you this and I have been telling you this.
        Case closed bumbsheet!