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  • whybuythisnow whybuythisnow Sep 30, 2006 5:32 PM Flag

    I Told You "Wag" Is A Dog

    Wal-Mart is not the classiest place in the world, but it's convenient and inexpensive and that's what people want. Walgreens is going to get crushed by Wal-Mart, first with this situation and then when seeing Walgreens is a "toothless tiger" sitting on its fat butt, will move in to take other business away. Once Wag consumers are in the Wal-Mart stores they can buy other things that they would have bought in Walgreens if they were there, so Wag will lose that business too. My detractors can say what they want, but I called Wag a stinker at that inflated price and was right. It's topped out and will move lower imo. It's not as good as the current share price indicates!

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    • Your post has at least 1 correct statement. Wal-mart isn't the classest place in the world. As far as convenient goes in Chicago there is a Walgreens on every other corner and it's alot easier to pull into than that overstuffed cinderblock with a 10 acre parking lot. Perhaps rural America has no other choice, but I'd prefer to shop where the employees aren't so underpaid and unwilling. The last time my wife dragged me with her to Wal-mart you could hear the crickets at the pharma counter. At least where people have a choice the two stores are two compleatly different markets. These stores are very busy in the city, including the drive up pharmacist. Wal-mart is anything but convenient.