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  • ura_brilliant_retard ura_brilliant_retard Oct 25, 2006 6:25 PM Flag

    My father is now getting his Rx at WMT

    Well spoken/written yank. I've been yanked, cranked, and not thanked.

    I completely understand the feelings of these WAG longs that might be in the red at this point. Don't want to sell hoping and praying that the 800-lb. gorilla in the room may not notice them. Unfortunately, I've been there before and will definitly be there again.

    WAG is most likely going down from here (I will buy at $37). Take your losses or winnings and go to better stocks to run with in this most recent bull run.

    I just got out of WTOIF. I'm hoping it goes back to $21 where I bought it.

    Anybody else got stocks that they think will move from here? Please do not use WAG as an example as it's moving downward from here unless there is some outstanding news like it's being bought out or WMT is going bankrupt tomorrow.


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