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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Nov 2, 2006 10:32 AM Flag

    Proof In The Numbers

    Stellar numbers from Walgreens. Who would�ve guessed? Predictors of doom and gloom � you know who you are � TIME TO EAT CROW!

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    • Yes, it's in the numbers, but you are happy about the wrong numbers, look at the STOCK price. That is the only number which counts.

      WAG had good numbers, but if no one wants to buy their stock, then good sale numbers do not mean anything. Also, the full effect of the $4 drug pricing is not in these latest sales figures for WAG. Profilio managers know this, so they still are unwilling to but WAG and are still selling the stock on any up tick like today.

      I hope it goes up, I only have a few hundred shares but I still do not want to sell at a loss, but I feel the outlook is not very good.

    • WAG's sales today are unbelievable. This comes out on the same day WMT predicts November sales to be flat. The way this stock has been hit unfairly because of 2 immaterial events ($4 WMT generics, CVS buyout)creates a fabulous buying opportunity. In Chicago a lot of people I know have had colds and the flu already, I wonder how many of the $4 generics were sold, I would guess none were on the list.

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      • Richie, it's really funny, after all the fanfare about Walmarts taking business from the drugstores with $4 generics, that WAG,CVS and RAD blew away analysts estimates for October same store sales, while Walmart fell short. It "should" shut up some of the doom & gloom amateurs, but of course if won't because facts don't mean anything to them. That's OK though, I actually kind of enjoy reading their drivel. It's good comic relief after a long shift in the pharmacy.