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  • wag_bag_holder wag_bag_holder Nov 5, 2006 6:07 PM Flag

    Long lines at WAG today

    You should see all the kids in the neighborhood lining up for 75% off Halloween candy. This should bring a hefty windfall for WAG. Keep those registers a-ringing.

    Nah, WAG has too much going for it. Where else can you get Halloween candy 75% off. Not at WMT. They have excellent control of their inventory. More good WAG-investor money flushed down the toilet. I'd be pissed if I owned shares in this POS.

    The pharmacy guys finally are getting some sales with the overflow from the front registers. I can hear it now over the PA..."Wake up pharmacy, we need an extra register open for these kids spending a whole $1.50 and up".



    That will be some nice bags you bag-holders will be carrying after earnings this Q.

    I think some of you FAG-WAG-BAG-Holders like carrying bags
    Don't ya?

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    • I work at cvs and we sell our halloween candy for 90% off to make way for christmas. we make more profit on these days becasue it brings people in. CVS is the only way to go. better customer service.

    • The only long lines you see at WAG are people trying to redeem their WAG shares for money!

    • My apologies for my previous post, it was done on a sugar bender.

      Picked up four bags of the mini size Baby Ruth candy bars(they make my hands look huge), downed all of them on the bus on the way to the library.

      Also, I was removed from the library, again, today. They did not find humor in me using the computer with chocolate stained hands and fingers.

      As you can see, I do not understand profit margin or any sales strategy for that matter, but some good news, candy was also on sale at the grocery store, WalMart and Target as well.

      I will not be able to post for awhile, need to get in some overtime in at McDonalds in order to feed my fix.

      I only buy the mini size candy, it make me feel really really big!

      Go WAG Go!