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  • wag_bag_holder wag_bag_holder Nov 7, 2006 8:56 PM Flag

    Bananarug- The Challenger

    Look at this love-fest!

    So nice to see.

    Shall we get you two, no three (gotta include bung-boy, uptobat) a room?

    If Yank can be Gollum, can I be Darth, I wanna be Lex Luther. C'mon, please!! I'm still waiting on an audio file for me. Give a big high-5 guys on that Gollum voice.

    I hear the Star Trek convention will be in town with Marvel comics. What a special week for 3 special people. Three Klingons swirling around the bowl coming in Uranus.

    Bananaboy can be MJ tonight and basher can be Spiderman. Love is in the air!!

    When you special guys get get together, like Ben Affleck and J. Lo was Bennifer, we'll call Banana and basher Banana-basher or is it banana-swallower.

    You guys are truly a bunch of sissy-flowery WAG-BAG-HOLDERS.


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    • All the conversation from wag_bag_holder... AKA... Yank... AKA ...URA Retard about homosexual activities, masturbation, inflatable dolls etc, do you ever wonder what he is doing when he ISN'T posting? NO! I don't blame you! Whew....what a complete, utter & disgusting, perverted loser! Or in the words of another detractor, of which there are legions, "a gutless,spineless, piss pot".

    • Yank:

      Yeah I know it's you. You really can't hide. Don't you get that?

      I don't think that I have ever used foul language (of the type you use against me) against you. Why do you feel the need to use it? If you can't make a point, cussing us out isn't going to validate your twisted viewpoint.

      I just know that you are an idiot and you won't change.

      You know it doesn't really bother me at all that you hate me. If you liked me, then I would really be worried.

      Oh yeah, and try to clean up your other act. Could you possibly get all your ID's consolidated into one? Having so many is probably what has put you over the edge. You can't keep up with them all. Anyone with a minimum of detective skills can figure you out.

      Have you ever looked at a list of sexual offenders on any state run web site? One face... many aliases. Oh, I get it now.....nevermind.