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  • Kanuk_PQ Kanuk_PQ Nov 7, 2006 7:26 PM Flag

    WMT cares for our children education

    because they will be tomorrow leaders of our wonderful country the US of A.
    Congratulation Shauna,
    Shauna Carey, a visual arts teacher at Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Champaign, Ill., moves beyond paint and pottery to infuse knowledge and understanding of cultural differences in her students. Her dedication to education and the arts is being recognized as she is honored as Wal-Mart's 2006 National Teacher of the Year. The award is the culmination of Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year awards that began in May when Carey received local recognition from a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Champaign. From there, she applied for the Illinois state Teacher of the Year award which she received in September. Carey has been a visual arts teacher at Booker T. Washington Elementary School for the 13 years and an art teacher for more than 30 years. As the National Teacher of the Year winner Shauna has received a $25,000 educational grant for her school as well as a greenhouse donated by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. as part of a planned outdoor classroom for all students to enjoy.

    As a teacher in a school with a diverse population,* Carey notes that many of her students come to school with a much lower proficiency in vocabulary skills and have minimal experiences outside of their specific cultures. She has observed that an achievement gap exists because of ethnic and socio-economic differences. In response, Carey learns as much about her students' cultures that she can in order to better teach each child. In doing so, she is able to offer broad experiences in her art room and set high expectations for achievement, to connect those experiences to her student's lives and their other subjects and to reinforce the importance of literacy. She creates an atmosphere of self-discovery and self-expression in a safe and supportive environment.

    Carey has implemented scheduling changes to mix students from the school's bilingual, regular education, and self-contained gifted classrooms in her art classes so they can share their languages and academic talents in cooperative learning groups. Working closely with fellow teachers, Carey incorporates reading, writing, math and science into her classroom by applying their curriculum to the visual arts. Booker T. Washington Elementary School produces musical programs including one during Black History Month and an "all-school" musical in which each child has a singing role and costume. Limited parent involvement due to bilingual and low-income barriers make the execution of the program a great challenge, however, Carey works diligently to ensure that props are built, sets are painted and costumes are made, so that each student experience professional productions.

    Strong BUY WMT

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    • FYI: Wal-Mart or Walmart has just one "L", not two.

      I own both WAG and WMT. The super Wal-Mart stores have a great selection of food at reasonable prices, and better than any grocery store chain in my neighborhood in Dallas, TX. Both stores are clean and well-stocked. Quit bashing each other.... it's senseless.

    • you can't fool the kids they know their benefactor is WMT they'll remember all those good days they had because of WMT and later they will get good jobs so they can raise their kids properly, when you ask kids about wag they don't know a thing about it but just say WMT and they are all smiling and happy face for the rest of the day.
      IMHO WMT is winning again $$$$$$$$$$$.

    • children need to be encouraged in their education,and WMT does this very well. Big companies like wag should follow this beautiful example and help the kids.
      IMHO WMT is the Big Winner in all categories + $4, generic program Oh! My Gawd I just can'T wait for the next Qtr. results.

    • Kanuk, it looks like you're another one of those losers who posts without verifying the facts. Walmart's Equate brand of acetaminophen (generic Tylenol) is manufactured by Perigo and has been recalled. I'm simply pointing out your lack of credibility. I'm not coming down on Wal-Mart for having product recalled. Perigo is a quality manufacturer and no retailer can be blamed for stocking their products.

    • Its hard to tell if he is serious or mental. I have a real hard time beleiving anybody thinks wallmart is a stand up company

    • I think this guy is just a mental case! He used to post on the CVS board in years gone by and he was a total hack then but he seems to really have lost his marbles to put it mildly. I hope he is in a locked ward where he only gets to a computer once daily and can't get out in the general public. What a complete fruitcake! Maybe in the spirit of Christmas we can give him to the Wmt board since he loves them so much. He would be a good match for Stocksrme!

    • and they also care for their well being (health wise), there was no generic stock removed from the shelves at WMT because not only they have the best price they also have best Quality.
      IMHO The Winner here is WMT again and again.

    • WMT is involve in everyday of our lives by improving our
      economy. WMT really cares for the whole family best example
      is this wonderfull $4. drug program what a GREAT Company.

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      • Im sorry but your crazy.Wallmart makes serious money marketing themselves to the lowest income bracket buy having the cheapest products possible right.The poorest people in this country are the ones who are the easiest to take money from period.They fill there carts up with crap they dont need because its cheap.,walking around the poorly lit store in a complete daze buying more crap they cant afford .You think wallmart helps the lower class ? They target the lower class. Wake up